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Wanelo Box #2! 💚💛💙

Wanelo sent me a SECOND box of wonders.
And I got some pretty fantastic sh*t this time.
(I’m putting an asterisk on the word sh*t because this box makes me feel like a classy b*tch)


A few months ago, I was asked by the lovely Jen from the Wanelo (I think she’s the keeper of all models), to do a Snap Chat Takeover.
So I took over the Wanelo Snap Chat for a day, and I received such a good response:)

From there, I was sent my second box and I couldn’t believe how nice everything was!

What a bunch of freaking gems. So let’s get started on all the great sh*t I received shall we?

Item One:

This is what I’m calling the Bella Swan dress.
I’m in love.
This dress is the definition of Business in the front, party in the back.
There is a high neck-line in the front for people who like to keep it classy AF, and the back is a combination of elegance and ‘haayyyyy!’💁
I am 5 feet, 9 inches and I’m wearing a size small.


Find the Bella Swan Dress here: https://wanelo.com/p/31533704/women-s-black-sleeveless-halter-contrast-lace-backless-dress

Item Two:

This I’m calling the riddle shirt, because I really can’t seem to figure it out. Although I see the potential in the ‘cool factor’, it just isn’t working for me. I think the idea is that it’s supposed to be a regular tank top in the front, and then completely bare in the back. This is where I think you guys too, can also see the potential. But maybe I just have a weird shaped body- but this shirt does not stay on. Perhaps it’s my brutal posture, but it just kind of falls off the front. And I also don’t love shirts that force you to not wear a bra! But here it is anyway!
I’m wearing a size small.


Find the Riddler here: https://wanelo.com/p/28932590/s/1xOgg-mQmj-4oNQf

Item Three: 
I dub thee outfit the ‘Tea Party Two Piece”.
Why? Well, the material looks like a regal wallpaper you would see on the walls of a tea party!
I really love this combo. I wore it a few times when I was in Florida. It’s perfect for summer, and it’s SO COMFORTABLE. Its like glorified pajamas. And I’m so down for that.


Find the Tea Party Two Piece here: https://wanelo.com/p/29457424/purple-tile-print-two-piece-shorts-set

Item Four: 
I was SOOOO happy when I saw this dress- I can’t explain to you. I had seen the dress on Wanelo before, and I had contiplated buying it on SO many occasions- but never actually made it happen. So when I opened the Wanelo box and saw this dress, it was like a ‘no… NO!!!’ moment. So great.
This dress is a party it the front, and after party in the back.


Find this gorgeous sequin dress here: https://wanelo.com/p/34481162/gold-sequin-dress-with-cut-out-back

And that’s it! I can’t stop thanking Wanelo for all the beautiful clothes. To see some of the other boxes that other models receive, just search #wanelomodel on instragram 🙂
Stay tuned for more unboxings 🙂 BECAUSE I HOPE THEY NEVER STOP!

Want. Need. Love.


2 thoughts on “Wanelo Box #2! 💚💛💙”

  • you look so gorgeous! i was considering trying to start posting wanelo reviews and see if i could become a model but all i have is an iphone. Do you use a professional camera? or just a phone because your pictures are absolutely stunning.

    • hey babes 🙂 thanks for the question! Yes, I actually do have a professional camera, and I would say I use it about 90 percent of the time. Alot of my earlier wanelo reviews are using an iphone camera 🙂 Tons of wanelo models have amazing pictures with just their phones!

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