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The Candy Man 🍭

the tales of the humble people who lived in Madness….

The Candy Man

The Candy Man comes down the road,

With his big shiny truck, and his rainbow coloured clothes.

When I ask to go see him, my mom says ‘oh no’…

But why must I stay inside, when all the other kids get to go?

Today I hear his music, and I really want something sweet.

So I sneak away from mom, it’s time for a treat.

I run for his truck, as fast as I can.

But the girl from the house across the street stops me, ‘DON’T GO SEE THE CANDY MAN!’

His skin is decaying, there is red in his eyes,

And what is most peculiar- his candy cries and cries and cries.

The candy will cry, and you will take a bite.

But the tears from the candy will keep you puking all night!

And when the puking is done, and your stomach is through,

The Candyman will come,

He will come and kill you.

The Candy man will always find you, he can never be beat.

Who knew something so terrible could come from something so sweet?

The music he plays, disguises the cries.

The lollipops, the gummies, the sours, the whoopee pies!

So I run back home, and tell Mom I am sorry.

‘The girl in the house across the street told me the Candyman story!’

I will never run after him again! I promise, I swear!

Mom looks at me confused and jumps from her chair.

The story is true, the Candyman cannot be beat.

Because my mom says no one lives…. in the house across the street.


The Candyman lives in the humble town of Madness.
Every month you will be introduced to another resident of Madness.
Stay tuned…

”the madness got to you too?’

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