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🌴What I’m bringing on VACA!🌴 – Travel Essentials

So in 3 days, my life is going to go from ‘eh’, to mind-blowing exciting and time just needs to hurry the eff up!
In 3 days… myself, my boyfriend
…my mom
…my dad
…the sis
…every single one of my cousins
…every single one of my uncles
…and all my aunts
Are going to CAYO SANTE MARIA!
There is like 30 of us- so we’re basically going to take up a whole plane.
We’re going to have the best time.
the. best. time.
On a scale of 1 to Disneyworld excitement… I’m like…. at the front gates of Disneyworld ready to go in.
So not quite like Disney excitement, but like, we’re getting there.
Seriously getting there.

So naturally, packing starts about a month in advance.
Lists are made, suitcases are laid out, products are bought, summer outfits are OUT AND READY TO PARTY.
My sister and I sit on my mom’s bed as she gives us a fashion show of all the outfits she wants to bring.
And I get all my essentials organized.
I take a lot of sh*t on vacation- and based on travel experience, in the past I’ve created a large group of essentials I always bring with me that make vacationing a lot easier 🙂
So I thought I’d share with you what I bring, why I bring it, and hopefully help you with your next vacation!


Whenever I go on vacation, go to see Andy, or travel at all really, I’ll bring my Betsey Johnson Candy dots wallet (and yes… I use this giant wallet on a regular basis, and carry it around in my purse daily. Its huge, we get it.) What I love most about this wallet is how much it fits. I can fit all my cards, my calendar book, a note pad just in case I get a little inspiration, and all my cash. In addition, it holds my passport and plane tickets perfectly so I always have this baby in my hand at the airport.

 And to answer your questions, YES that is a Betsey Johnson notepad… I clearly have a problem. Yes my family is aware of my problem…. there is a lot more Betsey included in this post. #sorry #Imnotsorry.

Next, when I travel I want to make sure I have all my most important beauty products. Although my clothing and accessories may change wherever I go- these few products always stay the same. Last summer I purchased ‘Surf Days’ from PINK, and I immediately became obsessed with the smell. It’s a mix of coconut and papaya and when you wear it, you’re basically a walking vacation, haayyy. For all the other months of the year, I’ll rock my signature Pink Sugar- but when July hits…. Surf Days makes it’s debut.
Then, we have my make-up products. When I’m spending every day on the beach, I want to keep it very minimalist. So, I have bb cream for the face, and a water proof mascara for my eyes. I keep going back to this bb cream because the shade is perfect, and it gives my skin a very flawless look, even when I’m in and out of water. That is also why I choose Telescopic Waterproof mascara for my eyes while I’m out on the beach. Both products easily give me a somewhat ‘airbrushed’ look without all the hassle. Then finally I have a water-based sunscreen for my face to avoid break-outs (which occur quite frequently in my life), and my favourite LUSH product EVER- Shimmy Shimmy. This lush product is TO DIE FOR. It’s a moisturizing bar that leaves you soft and covered in iridescent glitter- need I say more?

For this specific vacation, I was able to find some new products over the past few months that I’m super excited to bring on vacation! The first is the JWOWW Tattoo Colour Protector which seemed essential this time around. I have 7 tattoos, and Andy is obviously covered in them- and we both tan pretty easily which we’ve noticed compromises the tattoos a bit, so we’re trying this out in Cuba and hopefully it works out! In addition to the tattoo protector, I’m bringing a few other skin products with me. Lately, I’ve found myself in the LUSH store almost weekly. The obsession is REAL. I started going there as a last ditch effort to clear my skin. I tried a few of their products to help with my breakouts and ended up just wanting to grab the whole store and shove it in my purse. For this vacation I’m bringing ‘Breathe of Fresh Air’ which is the BOMB DOT COM- it’s an aloe spray you keep in the fridge, and spray all over your body when you get out of the sun- EXPECTO PA-SMOOTHING. And then I also bought Dream Cream from lush which is a body cream with oak milk and lavender. I have super sensitive skin so Dream Cream keeps me soft, but keeps little ugly pimples away. I’m also bringing the pink clay mask from Elucx to maybe use once just to clear all the oil and dirt out, and the PINK Coconut oil spray which smells like Unicorn sweat and keeps my hair from getting damaged when I get out of the chlorine or salt water.

^ and obvs were keeping it all protected with Betsey. 
Next we have my essential accessories. For sunnies I’ll be bringing my two fave Betsey glasses (one pair is huge so I can look like a bug, and the other pair is huge and winged so I can look like a sassy librarian bug #idfwu) In addition I will also be bringing a pair of rainbow-lense circular sunnies for when I feel like spreading peace love and happiness, and of course my BB Heart sunnies from Dolls Kill that are essentially made from unicorns and mermaids. #sunsoutfunsout

^ and why wouldn’t my sunglasses be protected in a Betsey Johnson bag? I have this dream that one day she’s going to see my blog and be like ‘omg thank you for being so obsessed with me over the years lets work together!’ and then I’m going to vomit from excitement. 
Another very important thing to bring on vacation (at least for me) is jewelry! I remember when I was young, and I was on vacation with my parents I used to admire my mom’s jewelry. Her skin would be glowing from being in the sun all day, and for some reason it made her crystals and chains stand out more than usual. And so, whenever I go on vacation I always bring a few pieces to either wear in the sun all day, or at night when the ‘glow ‘ has set in 😉 This year I’m obsessed with this new company called ‘Stargaze Jewelry’. If you were to take all my favourite kinds of jewelry and put them into one company, it would make Stargaze Jewelry- I swear to god. They feature dainty gold chains with moon and star accents and they used tons of rainbow and opal tones. I’M IN LOVE. AND I WANT THEM ALL. It’s like if the night sky pooped jewelry… these pieces would start falling from the sky.
The next set of jewelry I’m bringing is rather unconventional and they’re called ‘Flash Tattoos’. I know they’ve become pretty popular over the past year or so, but I’m not talking about the fake sh*t you buy are Ardenes now or Aldo. These tattoos originated from Flashtat.com- and they’re is a very distinct difference…HATERS. The ones that you buy at a typical store in the mall have that ‘gummy’ base that you would find in a regular temp tattoo from when you were younger. They become very sticky and fall off in pieces. Flash tats are metallic and almost have a foil texture to them which make them last longer and look like real jewelry. I’ll be wearing them daily in cubes 🙂 



When it’s time to come back to the room, they’re a few things I need to have. One of them is nighties. First of all, I love nighties. But they also seriously come in handy. When you get back from the beach and you want to take your wet bathing suit off- throw on a nightie! When you’re getting out of the shower and you need something to walk around the room in- throw on a nightie! And of course, nighties are perfect when you’re going somewhere hot. Nighties are also better when you have Betsey Johnson ones (no surprise there).  Then, the last things I need are my books. Lisa Mcmann is a personal favourite, I read her book ‘Wake’ from back to front TWICE when I went to Cuba last year, so I’m hoping for another exquisite novel this year 🙂 


And that’s all she wrote folks! Stay tuned for all the amazing outfits I’m going to be bring on vacation and of course they will all be housed in my brand new Betsey Johnson Emoji suitcase!!! (which my mom hates me for because its about half the size of me, but I’m over it)

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    • to be honest, it’s hard to tell if something like that actually works! I haven’t had my tattoos long enough to make a good call on that. But I pretty much just use it for piece of mind.

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