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Dope Jack Skellington☠- Easy Halloween Make-up

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So… if anyone was wondering, I FINALLY got to decorate my house this Sunday.
Holy shit my house is da bomb dot com you have no idea.

I would post pictures, but it’s just simply not done yet.
And posting pictures of my un-done Haunted Mansion would be just wrong.

However, since my decorating spree I have been put in a Halloween FUNK, and there is no curing it.
No curing it at all.
I’m having my annual Halloween Party this Friday and I’m just so effing excited.

So when I finished work today, I was just kind of wandering around my house not knowing what the eff to do with myself.

I didn’t have a ton of time, so I went for something easy.
I’ve been doing a lot of gorey things lately and I rarely do Face Paint of any sort- so I thought I’d try something different.

A make-up look like this takes all of 20 minutes, but the result ends up looking crazy good.

If you want a quick ‘how-to’ on how to get this look- it was inspired by Chrisspy and you can find it here

She does a WAY better job than I do, and seriously puts my look to shame.
But sometimes it’s seriously hard to create a look if it was done by someone who lives and breathes make-up. (its like my never-ending ‘love hate’ relationship with make-up youtubers…assholes)

It happens to me CONSTANTLY.
I’ll see this unreal look on Youtube and be like OMG I wanna look like that.
Then I’ll take one pathetic attempt at a winged liner, and say ‘yep, fuck it. not happening’

So, if you’d like my mediocre look- here’s how it happened:

Dope Jack Skellington

You will need:
 - black eye shadow
 - red eye shadow
 - black liquid eyeliner (with precise applicator)
 - white eye liner
 - pale foundation

1. Load Pale Foundation on face and cover your lips with it like you did when you were 15 years old.

2. Apply red eye shadow to crease and wing it out, once you’ve done the top, apply red shadow to your bottom lash line and fade it out (you can also apply red eye lash perpendicular to your eye brows to create an angry skeleton look (which I did)

3. Apply black eye shadow directly to lid, once you’d done the top, apply black eye shadow underneath the bottom lash line (the further you fade it down, the more dead you look…dead is good)

4. Apply red eye shadow to either side of your forehead, where a concave shadow would be (you can reference Chrisspy’s video if you don’t know what I mean) I am far to mediocre to create youtube videos that would easily explain my logic… so just go with my life here

5. With a cotton swab, you are going to create your jaw lines. Put black eye shadow on the cotton swab and create a very light faded line. Once you’ve created the line, apply red eye shadow directly underneath it and and fade it down to make your face look like its caving in and you haven’t eaten in years.

6. If you want your jaw line to be really defined, add a very light white line above where you made the jaw line to make your cheek bones pop

7. With liquid eyeliner create skeleton nose, like the one in my picture (mine is terrible, feel free to use your artistic freedom here… I just wanted to avoid looking like a dog)

8. Again with liquid eyeliner apply stitches to mouth

and you’re done you beautiful, mediocre Jack Skellington 🙂

I know it’s insanely straight forward, but for all the REALISTS out there who know they’re simple not going to be able to look like Chrisspy… well… you have me.
You have me to provide you with this insanely easy make-up look for people who just don’t have time.
Also, if you had no idea what you were going to be this year… like 90% percent of my friends who just get stressed out at the thought of Halloween costumes… HERE YOU GO.
Throw on a black shirt and a beanie and do me a favour and send me a message when everyone compliments your bad ass make-up that night 😉

k love you bye.
And happy halloween 🙂

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