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Mrs Potts and Chip🌹- LATEST FINDS

I’m starting a new concept to my blog, where I feature some of my favourite products and items I own. This can be anywhere from fashion, accessories, home decor, toys etc.
You all know my likes and dislikes, my passions and obsessions.
So I thought I’d share how these obsessions are incorporated into my every day madness.


Mrs. Potts & Chip


I had always wanted a Mrs. Potts and Chip tea set, but the real full-sized set is so pricey and I kept thinking to myself, I don’t have a house of my own or anything, who the hell am I going to serve all this tea? So I started looking for a smaller version of the set. My good friend Arielle used to work at the Disneyland Park during her Christmas breaks, so she managed to get me the actual Chip mug that they sell at the park. So now I just needed Mrs. Potts to make the set. A tea pot for one.
I managed to find a beautiful porcelain tea pot on Ebay, and when it arrived in the mail… CHIP CAME WITH IT!

I was ecstatic about this set. Chip is a little smaller than expected, he’s about the size of a shot glass.

.. and thats exactly what I use him for 😉

When I’m not using Mrs. Potts for my tea for one, she doubles as a beautiful decoration in my room.

Also, can we get some snaps for this gorgeous necklace holder I found at home sense?

*snaps for untangled necklaces*

Get this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast set here:


If you are feeling rich, or just want to spoil yourself… I also found the original 1990s full set on ebay– check it out here:

k love you bye.

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