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Best Disney Online Finds!👛💖- Ebay Disney Japan

Huge Disney Fan? Above the age of 15? Let me be your personal shopper for the day.
For die-hard Disney fans like myself, it can be difficult to find merchandise that doesn’t only cater to 6 and under.
Not only that, but with the Disney Princess re-designs and all the newer movies being the most popular for merch these days, it can be hard to find ORIGINAL Disney products from when we were kids.

Well apparently, Disney Japan has got you covered.
Although I love the Disney Store, and I love looking at all the little shops on main street when I visit the park– its hard to find anything really original.
Whether you’re at the Disney Store, or Disney Springs, Main street etc. The merchandise is virtually the same.
That’s why online Disney shops, and home-made creations are becoming more and more popular.
Every time I’m at the park and I ask someone where they got their amazing ears, 9/10 say they bought them online  and homemade.

WELL. I’ve found a little space on the internet where you can find the most amazing Disney products that caters to people of any age, and are particularly wonderful for all you Disney purists out there (for those who don’t know, a Disney purist is basically someone who supports all the Disney original artwork, attractions, movies etc.)

All you need to do is search ‘Disney Japan’ on ebay and you’ll find some of the coolest, most beautiful Disney products out there.
I’m almost inclined to say that Disney Japan products are better than all others.

Anyways, below are some items that I found to be particularly unreal.
I could have spent days sharing the amazing items I found, but these were my favourites.

Alice in Wonderland Jewelry Holder 

Find it Here


Cinderella Eye Shadow Palette 

Find it Here


Cinderella’s Carriage- Little Treasure Chest that opens 

Find it Here


Cinderella Book/ Clock Hybrid

Find it Here


Marie Pink Blush Compact

Find it Here

Alice in Wonderland Character Glasses 

Find it Here

Dumbo Clutch

Find it Here

Miss Bunny Key chain


Find it Here

Vintage Tinkerbell Pin


Find it Here

Little Mermaid Back Pack

Find it Here



Little Mermaid Tea Cup

Find it Here

Mike Monsters Inc Earrings! (I’m excited about this one)


Find it Here


Alice in Wonderland Watch

Find it Here


Toy Story Woody Door Stopper

Find It Here

That’s all I have to share for today– I swear I could go on  forever. But feel free to just search ‘Disney Japan’ on ebay to find all these amazing original Disney products.

I strongly advise you searching for these products when you’re not broke– or it can be a very depressing experience.

Until next time … I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

K love you bye.


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