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Online Shopping Haul!💕 – April 2017

Isn’t the feeling of getting a package in the mail the best feeling in the world?
An even better feeling is when you order a bunch of stuff online, and then you forget about it… AND THEN A PACKAGE ARRIVES.
I think that feeling is why I keep cheating on the mall with the internet (sorry… not sorry).

Typically I’ll buy myself maybe one or two things online each month depending on necessity or things I JUST REALLY WANT.
But this month in particular, I seemed to get everything at once and it was SO PLEASANT.

I’ll start with the makeup.
Over the past couple months I’ve started to gain this huge crush on Kelly Eden.
I don’t know if any of you have heard of her.
If you haven’t, shes basically a Youtuber/Artist/ Model who posts videos daily on Youtube.

I originally discovered her after watching her apartment tour video.
You guys should check it out- it’s insane.

Anyways, she got me hooked on Lime Crime and Sugarpill lipsticks, so I decided to try a few for myself.
I bought Prarie, Polly, and Marshmallow from Lime Crime and I bought Kimchi from Sugarpill.

Out of the lime crime lipsticks, Polly is my absolute favourite.
I’m a sucker for raspberry shades- I feel like they suit me the most.
Polly is a perfect combination of Barbie Pink and Raspberry- its so pretty.
Prarie and Marshmallow are a little more neutral.
Marshmallow I’ve been wearing on a daily basis, and Prarie is the prettiest shade of pink!

And then when I decide to venture over to the wild side, I bought myself Kimchi by Sugarpill.
This is honestly my favourite lip colour I have every purchased.
It’s a combination of purple and grey- and every blonde should wear it!




The next thing I thought I’d try out is this whole Fashion Nova Phenomenon I keep seeing on social media.
Basically, they design jeans with more material in the bum– made specifically for people with bigger bums and smaller waists.

Whenever I buy a pair of jeans, I either have an issue with the zipper falling down because it’s pulling too much from the back.
Or, I get that big gap in my back because the size fits my booty but not my waist.
Long story short, I grabbed myself a pair of these jeans (I ordered a size 3 which are a little snug) and they are honestly the most flattering jeans I’ve ever purchased.
They are a really nice, soft material (made in the states), and the colour is the perfect classic jean blue.
If I were to ever order from them again though, I would grab a size 5. Although I like fitted jeans– I need to be able to eat at all times.

Now let’s get to the purse- OMG the purse.
I got this baby off of ASOS.
After trying to find links to the purse, I realized they only have the glitter one left…. but that might just be better than the one I have!!
It’s the perfect summer purse and I can’t wait to use it.
I’ve always been a huge fan of the Skinnydip brand because they make the best quality purses at an affordable price.
Image result for skinny dip shell asos velvet

Lastly, my most prized possession- The Fantasia Archive Book.

If you actively follow me, you know how obsessed I am with Fantasia.
I follow this girl on instagram called @TheDisneyLandPrincess.
Her name is Katie and she’s everything I wish I could be.

Through her, I learned about the Walt Disney Archives Collection.
They are these mock Novels with the original Disney artwork on the front.
Inside is filled with note cards featuring more original Disney art work from the movie.

I can’t wait to frame all the cards and hang them on my wall.

Want to buy?Click the arrows below to flip through the products. Then click the pic and follow the link <3



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