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Vintage Plant babies!💐- I’m a plant mom!

I would first like to start off this blog by saying I have literally never owned a plant before.
I had a fish once in university.
But I’ve never owned plants.
So I’m super excited to officially label myself a ‘plant mom’.

But I would now like to say that I purchased the most low-maintenance plants you could buy in your life.
But that’s okay.
Because everyone needs to start somewhere right?

My bestie for the resties, Emily, recently moved into her own place in Toronto, and has been endlessly filling the place with plants on plants on plants.
She has flowers, she has herbs, she even had a bamboo tree named BAM!
In her slow evolution into Mother Nature herself, she made me the most amazing gift I’ve ever received.

She made me a Disney themed terrarium.
Cinderella to be exact.
It is so gorgeous, and I can’t stop looking at it.

The terrarium is made up of mostly succulents.
For those who don’t know, succulents are a very low maintenance plant, that are perfect to have in your home.
They can live in damp to dry soil, so they need very very little watering.
Small cacti are also apart of the succulent family and are very low maintenance.

My home-made terrarium includes soil, succulents, moss, and cacti.

Now to how I officially became a plant mom…
Emily and I were shopping in Toronto and took a trip to this GORGEOUS vintage shop called ‘Second Voyage’.
While there, I found a vintage Minnie Mouse figurine from the 50’s that could easily be a candle holder, or a plant holder.
My plan was to just buy the Minnie Mouse, but when I saw the Vintage lamb… I had to purchase that too.

Side note: I spent practically NOTHING on these items. I will write a blog post about this in the future, but when decorating the home, or even trying to find cool outfits, I strongly recommend looking at vintage shops and thrift stores (Goodwill and Value Village are my faves).

I digress.

Once I took these babies home, I immediately hauled ass to the local plant store and got myself some succulents!
Succulents range from 1.99, to 6.99.
The plant in the baby lamb is called ‘baby tears’, and the really pretty purple plant in my Minnie is called Echeveria.
I hardly need anything watering– I keep a spray bottle in my room and give them a spritz about once a week.

Here’s to hoping I keep these babies alive.
Special thanks to Em for the dream terrarium and the plant mom inspo.

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