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Vintage Disney Japan Tea Set☕️💕☁️

Over the weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday.
Yay to oldness.
Typically, I have very bad luck when my birthday comes around.
Something ALWAYS seems to go wrong.

But this year was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.
I spent the weekend in Toronto with my closest friends– and had the best time.
The only thing missing was Andy– but he made sure to celebrate with me when he was home 🙂

All in all, let’s hope I broke the damn curse.

One of the highlights of my birthday, was a gift I received from my best friend, Emily.
You know sometimes when you open a gift, you can’t actually belive what you’re receiving… so you just kind of stand there staring at it.
And then it makes the gift giver think you hate it?
That’s kind of what happened.
When I first started opening the packaging, I had an idea of what it was.
And then when it sank in that I now actually owned this particular item, I nearly peed myself.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘what in the HELL is so important about a tea cup?’.
And I totally get it. (not really)
What could possibly be so great about a cup, that would give me ALL THE FEELS?

Well, Disney fans would understand.

This is a vintage tea cup and saucer from Disneyland Japan.

Still not understandin the excitement?

I couldn’t be around for the opening of all these parks (as I did not exist yet)
But owning items like this, make me feel like I own apart of the original magic.

Needless to say, I am in love.
And it will sit as a decoration in my home forever.

I can see it now, sitting in my kitchen on display.
And andy walking by it on a daily basis uttering ‘I just don’t get it…’

Thats alright.
I get it.

(thanks again em)

This teacup and saucer was purchased from vinthesteakman on ebay

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