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July Favourites!♡ – Disney, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon + More!

If you guys ever have anything you’d like to see, please let me know! I’m always ready for suggestions.

Video Details:

 Sailor Moon Artemis Mug 

❤ Reptar Bar Clutch

❤ Big Heart Tote

❤Carrie by Stephen King

❤Tinkerbell – An Evolution


❤Lunaris Cream Pigment Highlighter

❤Sailor Moon Halloween Pin

Dreamland Princess Pin – Sold out

❤Luna’s Wand

❤Chocolate Frog

Other Mentions:


❤Porcelain Chocolate Frog Package

Behind the Scenes:

I want to start adding this section to each of my videos. I think it’s cool to actually know what’s going on behind the camera! I was using a Canon Rebel T5 on a tripod. Unfortunately with this model, there is no flip screen so I don’t really know what’s going on! If you notice a few skippy parts in the video, its because my camera either turned off randomly and I didn’t know it, or I was getting up to ensure the video was still actually recording! For lighting I used my window and a small little mini ring light. My shirt is from Urban Planet but I bought it YEARS AGO. And yes that is a dead skeleton unicorn on the wall behind me. And yes I look like I have no lips because I forgot to take the foundation off of them after I did my make up. And yes that fluff in my hair made me cringe during the whole editing process.

See you next week, and thank you for watching!

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