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What you Need for Autumn 2017


 ‘Oh my god, its August… Halloween is so far awary’


Don’t even start with me.
Halloween is HERE!
I CAN FEEEEEEEELLL IT ! (name that movie)

As autumn approaches, there are so many companies who are started to come out with their Halloween products!
I find myself getting lost in all the happiness as I search through all the goodies online, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourties I’ve found so far!
Click the picture to expand, and click the underlined links to find out where to purchase!

Arm Candy
As many of you know, Betsey Jay is my favourite bag designer, and she has already made a bunch of Halloween bags available for pre-order on her site and they are THE CUTEST LITTLE SHITS. Although I wouldn’t personally buy the pumpkin spice bag (ironically, it’s not my favourite drink) I couldn’t get over how fun the bag looked. However, I did fall completely in love with the Glitter Spider Web Bag, and I’ve already made a purchase for pre-order. I literally have it written in my calendar when that baby is gunna SHIP. In addition, I also stumbled upon what seems to be the most adorable bag on planet earth. Although this little pumpkin bag is a tad out of my price range, you best BELIEVE I’m on the email list for when it goes on sale.

Pumpkin Spice Bag // Spider Web Glitter Bag // Jack-o-Lantern Bag


Autumn Closet
I have my fair share of autumn clothes, but I’m seriously lacking a totally Halloween-themed wardrobe which I’m particularly interested in this year. These were some hauntingly cute clothing pieces I found during my deep Halloween web dives. The Ghoul Gang t-shirt features all the faves (Elvira, Motricia, Vampira, and the Bride of Frankenstein). You can’t go wrong with a classic horror tee, even if you don’t LOVE Halloween. The Pumpkin skirt isn’t necessarily something I would wear, but I LOVE the 50’s theme and would look so good at a holiday party. My last find was this bad-ass t-shirt from Wicked Clothing (my new fave) that says ‘Pyrokinesis for Beginners’. A little morbid, probably shouldn’t be worn around children. But I think it’s hilarious and I want it.

Ghoul Gang T-Shirt // Pumpkin Vintage Skirt // Pyrokinesis Shirt

Knick Knacks! This is what I LIVE for, and also what I spend the majority of my time looking at online. The Halloweentown Candle is self-explanatory for all you Halloween lovers out there, who wouldn’t want it? The Frankenstein bathbomb is actually a plastic frankestein head cauldron that is filled with epsom salt and coconut oil (WHAT A DREAM). I’m a big journal gal, and so I love filling my agenda and note-books with stickers and post its. Although any autumn-themed planning stickies would do, I found these particularly adorable. The Moving Eye Doorbell is something I want SO BAD and have been contemplating buying. If you click the link below and see how it works, you’ll seriously be sold right away. The Tinkerbell Figurine makes me want to cry– I can’t get over how friggen amazing that thing is and I want 50 of them. The Disney Halloween countdown is perfect for disney-lovers out there, and the Black Cat Cherry Hand soap just spoke to me (you guys know how much I love cherry!)

Halloweentown Candle // Frankenstein Bath Bomb // Witch Planning Stickers  // Moving Eye Door Bell // Tinkerbell Halloween Figurine // Disney Halloween Countdown // Black Cat Cherry Hand Soap


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Artwork of me by the amazing @planetpinwheel


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