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Lime Crime Creates Polly Pocket Inspired Make-up!

You guys know I love all things 90s, nostalgic, pink, glitter and basically anything that reminds me of my childhood.
And if you’re following me, then I know you gotta love it too!
That is why I had to run over here and share with you guys these new eye-shadow palettes that Lime Crime is releasing!

Last week, Lime Crime posted a throw-back photo of all the best Polly Pockets from the 90s.
(which I ‘liked’ with my warm 90s heart)

And I had no idea, that there was A REAL AMAZING REASON BEHIND IT ALL.
Lime Crime you sneaky bastards.

Now available to check-out on their site, Lime Crime is releasing 3 palettes with 5 complentary colours in each palette.
I personally find the pink one the cutest. But based on what shades I would wear the most, I think I’m going to grab myself the blue one!
You can also go to the website NOW and sign up to be notified when these babies get put on the market.
And the cutest thing about this whole idea, is they fit right in your pocket.

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