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The Paper Bag Princess

A couple weeks ago I took a break from Hamilton life, and stayed at my best friend Emily’s house in Toronto for a few days.
Since I went to University out of town, Toronto acts as the ‘middle ground’ for my friends and I to all meet when we decide to want to see each other, because we live all over Ontario.
On a cool Wednesday night, my friends all met at Emily’s place as we got ready for dinner.

We decided to go to a fancier restaurant, but I had packed an overnight bag that left little to the imagination.
The only fancy thing I had was a small black spaghetti strap sack dress, but it was way too cold outside.
So I threw on my over-sized jean jacket from Value Village and was ready to go.

Little did I know, my outfit was ‘Matt Approved’.
My friend matt, who had also come for the dinner date, is the epitome of high fashion.
If I go shopping… he’s there, and if he doesn’t like it, I don’t buy it.
Although I could never afford his style, he throws me the odd compliment here and there when he can’t tell I’m wearing thrift shit or Forever 21.

Upon seeing my fancy dress and ratty jean jacket, he complimented me and said he loved the ‘Luxe Rugged’ look and now it’s naturally all I wear.
I love the idea of being able to dress down a fancy look just by adding a jean jacket or sweater.
It’s a great way to get actual USE out of those fancy outfits that never leave your closet.
Another great pairing could be an oversized hoodie ‘dress’, and some fancy shoes.
Very ‘Ariana Grande’.

I’m coining this look the Paper Bag Princess.
Diluting the fancy with a little comfort and laziness.

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