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Sexy Freddy Kreuger- Easy Halloween Make-up

Freddy Hat: Party City
Freddy Shirt (it’s a tight mini dress): H&M, but any burgundy striped shirt/sweater/dress would work
Freddy hand: Amazon

Eyeshadow: Lunatics Cosmetic Labs Zombie Defence Palette
Eyelashes: Ardell Glam Lashes
Liquid Latex: get at any halloween store
Make-up sponge
Fake blood: halloween store
Small scissors
Kleenex split in half

I AM BACK WITH ANOTHER HALLOWEEN MAKE-UP TUTORIAL. My editing for this video isn’t the best, and to be honest I genuinely HATE talking to the camera and explaining step-by-step how to get it done. But, I think the video turned out okay! Freddy Kreuger was the very first SFX make-up I ever attempted, and I think it was actually the very first time I ever used liquid latex! Andy and I were going to a Halloween Party at a night club, and I knew I wanted a really scary look, but the thought of having latex all over my face all night wasn’t appealing. So I ended up just applying it to one side and pulling off this sexy/scary freddy look. We went out that night as Freddy Vs. Jason, and I got so many compliments on my make-up! I’ve been doing SFX stuff every since. Halloween is approaching so quickly, I’m so excited. I’m hoping to get more of these out in the next couple weeks.

Thanks again for watching guys, and Happy Halloween!

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    • I definitely do! I don’t typically do non-scary characters for halloween, but I do have a unicorn look I posted last year 🙂 If I get some time, I can definitely try to post some non-scary looks 🙂 MAYBE EVEN TINK

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