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Sugar Skull Masks- Easy Halloween Costume

I wanted to quickly share with you guys some items I stumbled upon this week! 
My favourite website, dollskill just came out with these skull masks for Halloween and I’m actually loving the idea. 
They are essentially sheer nude masks covered in rhinestones that could make your costume seriously bad ass this year. 
I thought theses masks were an awesome idea for those who can’t seem to come up with a costume, but don’t want to spend too much money. 

Paired with any outfit, these masks transform any outfit into a glam/creepy Halloween costume.
I would suggest pairing them with a crown or hat of some sort, and some black/skull clothing. 

And trust me when I say, people won’t be able to look away. 
The model’s hair is pulled back in this pic, but I would personally keep my hair down and pull it in front, or even give myself some braids that peak out at the end. (you could even throw on a wig if you have one, I would suggest a bright coloured one like neon pink or green). 

PS! I’m posting this blog now so you can order these masks in time for Halloween. So don’t forget to check them out asap 🙂 

Find all skull masks here


Here are some pieces I would suggest wearing with the mask. 
Click below for links <3

bandeau // leggings // jumpsuit // sweater // mermaid



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