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September Favourites – Halloween, Disney, & more


As usual, thank you so much for stopping by this corner of the internet! I have this obsession with monthly favourites videos on youtube! Its a good thing because I get to discover all these new products and brands, but its also a bad thing because I can’t stop discovering all the new products and brands! And then my money disappears… 
I work super hard during the week, and don’t have much a social life due to Andy being far away, and my friends being spread across Canada. 
So what happens? I spend my money on ALL THE THINGS. 
These favourite videos allow me to share all the cool things I buy with you guys, and also provide them with more purpose than just taking up space in my room 🙂 

I hope you guys enjoy and Happy Halloween!
Here is a list of all the products featured: 

  • The Handbook for the Recently Deceased // here 
  • Beetlejuice Phone Case // here
  • Zara Spider Flats // here
  • Zara Peter Pan Flats // here
  • Betsey Johnson Spider Web bag // cheapest price I could find was here
  • Fairies Myths, Legends, & Lore // here
  • Cinderella Pill Box // here
  • Miu Miu Blue Glasses // here
  • Kimchi Sugarpill Matte Lip Colour // here
  • Soot Sprite Stickers // here
  • Care Bear Mystery Pack // here

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