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Halloween Party Decorating!

Hey guys! I am back with another video, and I’m really really REALLY starting to get excited for Halloween! 
Every year I go all out with my decorating for my annual Halloween party and I wanted to show you what it looks like as if you’re a guest walking into my party! 
And to be honest, this video isn’t even the full effect. But not to worry, I’ll be vlogging the whole Halloween party so stay tuned! 

Filming this process was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be, maybe because I was in my own home? 
I just got myself a heavy duty SD card, and would let the camera record during different decorating moments. 
Special thanks to my SIS and MERMS for helping me out, as they always do. 
Make sure to check back in for more Halloween videos because my head is exploding with ideas, and I am motivated as HELL! 

As usual thank you so much for watching, and Happy Halloween! BECAUSE IT’S ALWAYS HALLOWEEN HERE!! 

Music: It’s Almost Halloween – Panic! At the Disco
Find it here

Also, for those of you who didn’t get to see how I decorated my house LAST YEAR, or get to see my costume– here is a flash back!

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