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Unicorn Make-up – Halloween Tutorial


Well hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my blog today. A lot of you have been asking me to do some ‘less scary’ make-up tutorials, so ask and you shall receive 🙂 (even though you can totally make this a dead unicorn… just saying). This video was so hard to film. My SD card kept filling up, so the filming would just stop randomly. Plus… I seriously need to get myself some good lighting because the window washes me out at parts. Regardless, I’m really happy with how the look turned out and please feel free to just consider this a guideline! You can use whatever colours you’d like, and add as much glitter as you want! 

I like to think that my mis-fit website is all about breaking from the norm, and loving what you love no matter what the trend. 
Unicorns are a great representation and reminder to always be your beautiful, sparkly self. 

Pocket Candy Palette Review:
Loved it. I really did. The colours are super pigmented and all compliment eachother. 
Personally, the colours are a little too out there for me in regards to every day use, but if you’re looking for a bold, bright, look then this palette is for you. 
Ps. If you don’t like shimmer shadows, I wouldn’t buy this palette. 
But if you were a huge Polly Pocket fan when you were younger I would seriously consider buying it just to say you have it!

Products I used: 

  • Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palette// here 
  • Sugar Pill Kimchi Matte Lip Colour // here 
  • Loose Powder Shadows // here 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit // here 
  • Rhine Stone Stickers // here 
  • Unicorn Head band // mine was hand made, but you can find your own here 
  • tutu dress // thrift store 


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