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8 Beauty Products to Survive Winter

Winter is coming.
And we all want glowing skin and hair like Khaleesi.
But if you’re like me, and shrivel up into a dry prune every winter season, then this blog is for you.
We can’t all be a Mother of Dragons.

I am no longer an amateur, and when winter comes… I don’t fuck around.
Therefore, I gather a product bag of armour to protect myself, my skin, and my hair from the elements.
And now I’m going to share it with you.
Let’s roll soldier.

Marshmallow Plump

Do you ever squeeze a marshmallow and think to yourself, what a plump little ball of fluff?
I often envy the marshmallow and wish my skin held the same plump and ‘bounce back’.
Every since I started using Glossier’s Rich Priming moisturizer, I have not had one single dry spot.
During the winter I typically suffer from dry chin, dry lip corners, and dry under eyes.
With this moisturizer, I feel like it’s actually doing it’s job. MOISTURIZING.
Glossier’s products are also perfect if you have problem-skin like me. You’ll get the moisture you need without breaking out.
Ten points for Glossier.
Get it here


Balm Dot Calm All Day Long

While we’re on the topic… let’s chat more about glossier.
The first time I used this lip balm, I was honestly only using it for the smell. (it smells like fresh fracking cupcakes right out of the oven I DON’T LIE)
But holy shit, I put this stuff on my lips in the morning and I swear by the end of the day it was still going strong.
As a previous Accutane user (strong oral acne medication for those who don’t know), I will be suffering with chapped lips for life.
But this lip balm lasts all day, and I particularly like the birthday cake one because it has glitter.
But Glossier offers clear, and a bunch of other colours.
Pucker up and kiss it Whoville.
Get it here


Calm Down

During the winter, my skin gets so dry that it tends to burn, especially when I’m getting out of the shower.
I am also an extremely acne-prone person, so I use strong acne products quite often.
This causes my face to go red, and often burn when I’m in cold conditions.
Although I believe Breath of Fresh Air is marketed as mainly a summer product (for sun burns), I swear by this during the holidays.
The combination of aloe vera, rose, and herbs provides a cooling/calming sensation when you spray it on your face.
I will spray this on my face before applying my moisturizer  at night to calm me, cool my skin, and and heal.
Side Note: For those traveling during the holidays, this is the perfect spray to keep in your purse when you’re getting off the plane.
Instantly refresh yourself after a stuffy plane ride to wake up!
Get it here


Nature’s Botox

I’ve talked about this product before, and I honestly can’t stop.
As I make my way into my mid-twenties I slowly start to notice all my fine lines (particularly on my forehead).
If I apply rose hip oil on my fine lines at night, they are virtually gone in the morning. I WOULDN’T LIE. IT HAPPENS.
A quick google of rosehip oil will tell you many people prefer it over botox.
This is a great way to avoid fine lines from dry skin during the winter.
(it’s a dry oil so it doesn’t act as moisturizer. I typically moisturize first then rose-hip-it up… but you do you boo)
Get it here

winter product 5

A Hug in a Tub

There isn’t much to say about this other than it is the best body moisturizer I have ever used.
(hi lush, can we be friends yet? I love you)
Lush claims this is one of their most prized products, and the proof is in the literal pudding.
It’s a skin saver.
I apply it when I’m out of the shower, and whenever I want after that. It works, there is no bullshit in it, and it wont make you break out.
I wouldn’t recommend putting it on your face though unless you have strong skin– it’s a little too thick for that.
Get it here

winter product 1

Sugar Plum Fairy Status

I’ve talked about this product before. Can’t stop, won’t stop.
It’s like hair conditioner, BUT FOR YOUR BODY.
You wash your body, then apply this conditioner like soap, and rinse.
In the summer, I literally don’t need regular moisturizer because this works so well.
That is why this is a winter essential for all of you dry prunes out there like me.
You can’t get enough moisture, and this particular one smells like COTTON CANDY AND BUBBLE GUM.
Get it here


Hair Crack

I’m a perpetual hair dyer, and I have a serious problem. I can’t stop dying my hair different colours and who suffers in the end?
My hair. The strands yell at me all day.
This is the only conditioner where I see a genuine difference in my hair, even after it’s been blow dried.
Different products work for different people, but I had to share this conditioner because it really helps my hair feel less dead, and me less dead inside.
If Luna Lovegood had a favourite hair conditioner, it would be this one.
Wingardium Levi-OGX .
Get it here

winter product 2

That Holiday Glow

I’ve got extremely pale skin, and there is nothing I like better than a tan.
Especially during the holidays where you’re dressing fancy and attending parties.
And I love me a good spray tan– but my wallet doesn’t like the professional salon ones.
The next best solution? FakeBake (but only the 60 minutes one)
But you need to do it right so listen carefully.
Disclaimer: I have used so many at-home tanning products that I am proclaiming myself an expert. I know all the things.
I will start off by saying I do NOT like any other FakeBake products, just this one.
I have tried all the fancier ones too like St. Tropez, Vita, Tarte.
This one is the best, but only the 60 minutes one… (incase you didn’t hear me the first time)
Also, the instructions are a farse.
You do not leave this on for 60 minutes, you leave it on all day.
I tried leaving this on for 60 minutes the first time I used it, no results.
I accidentally left it on all day once– best tan of my life.
Buy this one. Leave it on all day. Shower. HOLIDAY TAN.
Get it here

winter product 3

That is all I have to share for now my friends, but if you have any suggestions for winter products please leave them in the comments below. I am always looking for skin-saving products during the holidays. As usual, thank you so much for stopping by and if you ever have a question or just want to chat– don’t hesitate to contact me through Instagram or my Ask Sarah section.
I hope you have the most magical holiday season, and if you need me I’ll be over here on the Island of Misfit toys.

love you, bye.


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