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DIY Christmas Wrapping!

I honestly think gift giving is my favourite pass time.
Not because I’m some saint or anything, but because I genuinely think I’m good at finding gifts for people.
And then watching them open it, and watching their reactions to seeing my talents ..it brings me joy.


I managed to get some killer gifts this year, and every Christmas I always do some kind of themed wrapping.
Last year it was festive My Little Pony Wrapping Paper,
the year before it was just straight glitter wrapping (which I will probably never do again… I’m still cleaning that shit up)
and the year before I did Tink wrapping!

This year I wanted to change it up a bit, and the idea came to me while watch Harry Potter.
There is something about those gifts wrapped in brown grocery paper that makes me happy.
So I wanted to do my own version of that.


This year I went a little against the grain, and did some DIY, rustic wrapping with a little ‘Sarah’ flare.
The best thing about this DIY is you can literally add whatever you’d like to the brown paper.
In the past I’ve done leaf stamps with water colour paint, you can write on them, or even design your own patterns with a sharpie.

(ooo, and if you’re good at calligraphy.. now would be a killer time to use that skill)

The brown paper, rhinestone stickers, and bows I managed to snag from the dollar store so this DIY is perfect for those holiday-savers out there.

Feel free to use whatever stamps you like, I grabbed mine at my local craft store (Michaels) and I went with a postage theme because it just reminded me more of Harry Potter.

If you do decide to take on this idea with your Christmas wrapping this year, make sure to share the photos with me!
On another random note, I’m picking up Andy from the airport tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.

He’s got some straggling birthday gifts that he still needs to open, so hopefully he peels slowly as to appreciate the wonderment of my wrapping.

Hope you guys are having an amazing December.
I’ll talk to guys soon.

love ya, bye.

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