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A Spirited Away Christmas – Is Studio Ghibli cool now?

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Spirited Away Mug / Bath Token

Is Studio Ghibli cool now?
I have to ask.
Because when I younger, I used to watch those movies on repeat.
When my mom took me to the theatre to see Spirited Away, I swear I stared at the movie with my mouth wide open the entire time– just completely mesmerized.
I can probably still recite every word from Kiki’s Delivery Service from beginning to end.

But where I grew up, you’d get yourself beat up or tormented for letting other kids know you liked those kinds of things.
Childish cartoons, anime… they had such a bad reputation, and young kids suck sometimes.

It wasn’t until I became an adult and got Instagram that I discovered what a huge following these movies had.
As far as anime goes, I always knew Sailor Moon was a fan favourite, and a personal one of mine.

But I was convinced for the longest time that I was like 1 out of like 10 people in the world who loved Kiki’s Delivery Service…
That is was a random, low-budget VHS my mom pulled out of a bin at Wal-mart because she saw a witch on the cover and thought I’d might like it.

Now, you can buy merchandise everywhere! Have you ever typed ‘Studio Ghibli‘ in Etsy?
Oh my god.
What a DREAM.
Laptop covers, bathroom towels, hair accessories, mugs, clothing, chop sticks, posters, steering wheel covers.

Sugarbones (one of my favourite misfit online shops), is coming out with a Studio Ghibli collection in the new year.
She did an early release of this GORGEOUS bath token, that I’m going to keep forever.

and I can’t help thinking about how much an item like this would have meant to be if I received it at a young age.

As for the mug, I managed to snag this from Boxed Lunch Gifts— which carries so many other Studio Ghibli items as well.

Just a few months ago, I started begging Andy to watch Spirited Away with me, and he refused for so long.
Although he wont admit, Andy is 100% one of those cool boys in high school who would probably make fun of you for watching a movie like that.

Finally, this past summer I managed to convince him to watch it and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of it.
I’m sure he’d tell you otherwise, but I know he loved it.
Also, no one can argue with a well-deserved 97% on rotten tomatoes.

Will I ever get him to watch it again? Probably not.
But at least now I can say my boyfriend has experienced that magic that is,  Studio Ghibli.

PS!! The bath token is currently not available at Sugarbones because she just finished the pre-release. However, set your phone alarms to check in January! It'll be back. 





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