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I went to a Blonde Specialist

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’d know the trials and tribulations I’ve been experiencing with my hair over the past few months.

It has not been a fun time.

I had spent this past year dying my hair 6 different colours, slowly ruining the relationship I have with my strands with each bleaching sessions.

I may have even lost part of my hearing from all the crying my hair has been doing this year.
You know when Harry opens the big golden egg at the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
Before he realizes he needs to open it underwater?

That’s the sound my hair has been making for about a year now.
It wasn’t until a couple months ago I decided I needed to get my shit together, pick a colour, cut a bunch off, and stick to a hair colour moving forward.

Since this corner of the internet is called The BLONDE Wednesday Addams, I figured Blonde would be a good idea no?

But, if I wanted to go Blonde, I knew I needed to go to a professional… or I’d end up bald.
and I think I have a weird shaped head.

So I needed to do it right this time.

Let me take you back to the moment I decided I needed to go to a blonde specialist.
I had spent the past 3 months with red hair, against my own will.
The red was a result of needing to cover this:

*pause for sympathy/laughs*

We needed a dark colour to cover the cocaine addict look, and I knew I didn’t suit blonde. So I went for red.


Red hair is a fucking NIGHTMARE.
It fades practically immediately, so you get to have red hair for about a day, and then orange/penny hair until you decide to make another appointment.

Once I realized the red-coloured prison I put myself in, I decided to just keep letting it fade until I could get it to a point where I could bleach it. Once I thought I had let it fade long enough, I went BACK to the hairdresser who gave me crack cocaine hair (I know, I know), and asked if there was anyway we could fix it.

The saddest part is, we actually ended up fixing it.
She bleached my hair, and we got the red out. Was it the best blonde in the world? Not really.
Did I look like a slightly more yellow, Malibu Barbie? Sure.

But she insisted on putting on a toner.
I obliged.
She left it on too long.

And I ended up walking out of the salon with darker hair I came in with, and I HAD JUST BLEACHED MY WHOLE HEAD.

(in the photos below, I do not have roots. This is after bleaching my entire head blonde, and then having a toner on for way too long)

It was time to bring in the big guns.
And by big guns, I mean Carlo.

I had heard from a few different people, of this Blonde Wizard who lived in Burlington…
magically fixing girl’s unfortunate hair mistakes, spreading joy across the land.

I decided at this point, he was my best chance of keeping my hair on my head.
So I booked an appointment, and his salon took me right away.

I sat in the consultation chair with my mucky, dirt coloured swamp hair (like a literal frog) as Carlo walked around the corner and immediately started laughing.

I felt like a defected toy being observed by a toy maker.
As he grabbed the pathetic, broken, short pieces of my top layer he began uttering phrases like
‘what the FUCK did you do.’
‘how the hell did his happen?’

and then the worst, ‘I don’t know if I can fix this.’

He sat down in the chair beside me (keep in mind, I haven’t said anything yet).
Looks me right in the eye and says, ‘So, you want to be blonde?’

I wanted to scream, ‘MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD’.
But I stuck with a simple, ‘yes please.’

He said, ‘I can’t guarantee anything. I have no idea how this is going to turn out. But I’m going to try.’

I accepted, and we moved forward.

I’ll save you the salon details but…

6 bowls of bleach,
about 500 tin foils,
and about 4 inches later.

I was Blonde.

And not just a regular blonde.

But a stunning amazingly gorgeous blonde colour!
I wanted to cry so bad. But I desperately didn’t want to look more like a psycho than I already did.

And, on top of everything, my hair felt really healthy. He only ended up having to chop a little bit off, and my hair felt beautiful leaving the salon. On top of that, he also gave me some products to use as home to ensure my hair would stay healthy, and not go brassy.

For anyone in a ‘hair rut’ right now, or for anyone with really damaged hair that they are afraid to touch… I strongly recommend Carlo at Fate Salon in Burlington.

I would also highly recommend this salon to anyone who currently has Blonde hair, and is looking for a fresher tone of blonde or just to change it up a little.

I know it sounds so silly to put so much emphasis and dramatics on my hair, but as someone who has suffered with acne for about 12 years now, nice hair has always been a security blanket for me.

So I’m just really glad it’s fixed.

I had a Disney photoshoot pre and post Carlos, and here are two photos of the difference.

Keep in mind, both photos are edited, and the exposure is increased. But my penny hair was BAD and copper and not ideal for a shoot. And look how pretty and healthy my hair looks in the second picture! I had to sacrifice a bit of length, but I think that’s BEST case scenario for dying my hair 6 times this year.

To Book an Appointment: 
Fate Salon, Burlington
Ask for: Carlo
(905) 319.0018

Still Not Convinced?

My friend Jessie recently had a HAIR NIGHTMARE.
She bought a box dye from the store (which she normally did whenever she needed a touch up)
Turns out, the box she bought had been tampered with, and her normally Bleach Blonde Golden Locks, went instantly BLACK after only 4 minutes!

She called me having a fit, and I immediately recommended Fate Salon.
They took her in the NEXT morning, and fixed her hair in one shot.
Jessie’s hair was done by Johnny.

Gorgeous right!

Well, on this beautiful day… that is all from me folks.
You guys were with my through my hair disasters this year, so I couldn’t wait to share that it was finally fixed.
Thanks again for stopping by, and until next time
Happy Halloween. 🙂

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