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My Interview with The Disneyland Princess

I had just finished work, and I was having a particularly rough day. Things weren’t going well for me that week, and I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how to be in a better mood. The weekend was starting, and I had no plans. I was getting ready for bed, when I received a notification on my phone.

‘TheDisneyLandPrincess is Live’

This was my first time watching a live video on Instagram, and I found myself not being able to put my phone down. Here I was, face to face with one of my favourite Instagramers as she read people’s questions and gave genuine heart felt advice. She called it ‘tea with katie’, and the questions kept flooding in.

I was so overwhelmed with the amount of love there was in this live chat. It seemed so strange to me, because of how much hate Instagrammers get online. But everyone adored her, everyone was helping out each other, and she tried to answer almost every question. I had never been one to comment on live videos, or comment on any big Instagrammer’s photos before. But for some reason, that night, I felt like I needed her advice.

I asked, ‘what do you do when you’re really sad and can’t seem to get out of it.’

She read my question almost immediately and responded,

‘Whenever I’m feeling really sad or depressed about something in life, I always tell myself, ‘There is nothing so far you haven’t been able to over come. You will get through this.’

And I have loved her ever since.


Katie Rose, or better known as The Disney Land Princess is a Blogger /Instagram Queen from California who shares her love for Disney, Sailor Moon, the colour pink and individuality everyday through her social channels. When she isn’t fighting evil by moonlight, and winning love by daylight; she likes to spend her time at Disneyland with her partner in crime/ also Disney-loving boyfriend, Mark. When she isn’t at Disneyland you can find her cuddling with her fur-baby Bogart, or killing the marketing game at Rituel De Fille, a natural make-up brand based in California.

As a pioneer of Adult- Disney Instagram fandom, Katie as paved the way for Disney Instagrammers everywhere by encouraging them to share what they love, and live a magic-filled life no matter what age you are. In fact, some popular Disney ‘product shots’ you see today were originated by Katie. One example includes the lip to mug shot that has become a classic way to photograph a new Disney mug!


Now that I’ve talked her up way too much, now would be a great time to announce I actually got the opportunity to interview Katie. She gets asked so many questions every time she goes live, and sometimes isn’t able to answer them all. So, for all of you who are dying to know what makes Katie… well… Katie, Here is my interview with The Disney Land Princess.

The Interview

  1. You can’t have an interview without a little background. If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say?
    ~ It’s a little fluffy but I like to use this sentence to describe myself: I am a tender soul lost in the expanse of a lonely sea.


  1. What is your first memory of Disney?
    My first memory of anything Disney related was going to see Sleeping Beauty at the movies with my Grandfather when I was three. My first memories of Disneyland are going on the Skyway and hanging out with Peter Pan on Main Street.


  1. When did you realize you had fallen in love with Disney?
    I think when the Little Mermaid came out when I was 4. When the Disney Renaissance happened I was the perfect age for it to impact me.


  1. Do you have particular Disney favorites? If so, what are they?
    My favorite Disney film is Fantasia. My favorite princess (so hard!) is Cinderella. Favorite Fab Five is Donald (Daisy outside of the main five). Favorite 3D film/character is Tangled/Rapunzel. Favorite Disney ride is Alice in Wonderland.


  1. We know how much the magic of Disney has affected us as children, how has Disney affected your adult life?
    I think it affects me the same way it did when I was a child in many ways. When it comes to being at Disneyland, I still feel the same happiness as I did when I was a child. The same smells and sounds really take me back to that happy feeling like they did when I was 4. And that might be one of the reasons why I love going to the Parks so much. The familiarity of it. I truly believe that even though you’re an adult that you can still be affected by the magic.


  1. You’ve created quite a name for yourself in the online Disney community, how did this start?
    That’s a great question, because I don’t really know the answer! I think it may be because of my Instagram photos being primarily shot at Disneyland. And that I love to share my Disney related collections. Be it fashion, keepsakes, or accessories. I think this community is really all about expression. And I’m happy to share my ways of expression to others.


  1. What would you say to people trying develop a following in the online Disney community?
    It’s cliché but be yourself. I think if you’re being fake with what you love and your expression of that love, it comes across fake in the end. If you have a special treasure you love, share it! If you are feeling extra cute at the Parks, share it! If you’re having a wonderful time, share it! Happiness brings more happiness and I think that is a great basis for developing a following.


  1. Let’s talk merch. If you had to take a GUESS, how much Disney merch do you think you own?
    Wow, um……..maybe about 200+ pieces.


  1. Of all the Disney merch you own, what item is your favorite?
    Oh my gosh that is so hard! So I’m going to break down all my favorite merch in categories (sorry): Fine Art would be my Sleeping Beauty Book Page tapestry. I got it from the Disney catalog when I was about 16. It’s a large fabric tapestry depicting the image from the first page of the Sleeping Beauty book (with the castle on it). And it is woven with actual gold threading! Figures: Would be my two Centaurettes from the Walt Disney Collection from 1992. Clothing: My Cinderella dress from the Disney Dress Shop. Accessory: My Angelic Pretty Kiss Me Cat Marie beret. Handbag: My Angelic Pretty Kiss Me Cat Marie bag. Shoes: My Sparkling Slipper light up heels by Irregular Choice/Disney Cinderella Collection.


  1. Over the years, you have cosplayed so many Disney characters. Which one was your favorite to cosplay and why?
    Wow another hard question! I think my Ariel cosplay I wore to last year’s D23. It was kind of a childhood dream of mine to wear that pink dress. And I think it was the largest ball gown I’ve ever worn! I felt beautiful, even though I know I don’t really look like Ariel. But I couldn’t stop smiling all day. This year I’m determined to have a Cinderella gown and an Aurora gown to add to the list. Which I’m excited for.


  1. If you had a bad day, what Disney movie would you play to make yourself feel better and why?
    For sure Tangled!


  1. Who is your favorite Disney villain?
    Maleficent hands down! I used to dress up and pretend I was her when I was little. My mom even had a large oval onyx ring I would use when playing dress up like Maleficent has.


  1. Your followers absolutely LOVE your Spotify playlists; do you have a favorite Disney soundtrack?
    Yes! My favorite Disney soundtrack would be The Little Mermaid. But my favorite Spotify Disney playlist is Disney Lullabies. It definitely for babies, but it’s all soft music box versions of popular Disney songs. I use it a lot for my LIVE Streams. It’s very calming.


  1. You are known for wearing what you want, and doing what you want because it makes you happy. What would you say to the adults out there who are scared to express themselves because it’s not the ‘norm’.
    I must say that I’ve been very lucky where I’ve never felt like I couldn’t express myself. I have always loved my fandoms, dressed the way I wanted, and been myself openly. And that meant being shunned or considered not cool for many years of my life. And until recently I’ve never realized that so many people seem to feel like they can’t be who they want to be, or feel that they cannot be open with what they like without being ridiculed. I’ve received many messages over the years that have addressed this. And my heart has always gone out to people that feel like they can’t express their fandom or the things that make them happy. I am not an expert or trained to be able to answer those questions. But I do like to tell them this: There is no manual to your life. There isn’t some written rule that at a certain age you need to stop liking what makes you happy.

    There isn’t an ‘age timeline’ where you hit a certain point and you need to dye your hair back from pink or green. There isn’t a timer when you need to put away that dress or those mouse ears. At the end of the day, look around you. Do you see things that make you happy? Is your collection complete? If yes, then awesome! Who cares if it’s a plastic moon stick from an anime? Or a hat with cat ears?! That smile on your face is all that matters. Because it’s your life, and no one else’s!


  1. I am a big supporter of small businesses on this blog, especially for clothes and jewelry. Who are your current favorite online small businesses?
    Same! I’m super into fan made Disney merch like pins, Minnie Ears and clothing. Lizzy Bowtique   Magic Mouse Ears and To Never Neverland make some of my favorite Minnie Ear makers. Some other great small businesses are: Elleni The Label  C80sThingamabobs Fairytale Wigs Firefly Path Femmedebloom Bella Fantasia Wigs  Deer Arrow and Sugarbones.  
  1. Mark! Everybody loves Mark! If anyone has watched your Instagram Live Videos, they’ve heard how you two met, but one more time for the people in the back!
    Haha! We met on Tinder of all places. My ex of 4 years had just left me, but it was one of those bad relationships that I hadn’t felt like I was in a relationship for a long time. So I jumped right back into the dating game. I downloaded the Tinder app and one of the first guys I matched with by complete chance was Mark. I liked what he had written on his profile (which he had just made too). We chatted for about a week, met at a wine bar, and talked for almost 8 hours! He had the same love for Disney/Disneyland as I did. We had the same favorite band (Depeche Mode), and a love for art/museums. And well, we haven’t left each other’s side pretty much since that night. It’ll be 3 years officially on February 16th, 2018. I’m very confident he’s my person. 🙂


  1. Does Mark have Disney favorites? If so, what are they?
    Mark has many Disney favorites, I had him make a list haha! “Movies: The Fox and the Hound, The Sword in the Stone, Peter Pan. Rides: The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Disneyland Railroad. Experiences & Shows: Country Bear Jamboree, Main Street Electrical Parade, and people watching at Cafe Orleans. Characters: Winnie the Pooh, Wall-E, and Goofy. Food & Drink: Beignets, Ice Cream, and Carthay Diamond Manhattan. Princesses: Katie, Merida, and Cinderella.


  1. Your Instagram following is one of the kindest groups I’ve ever seen, but do you get your fair share of online hate?
    I first have to agree with you. I count myself very lucky that I have the kindest people that follow my account. I’ve made so many friends from Instagram. And because of this, I rarely get negative comments or hate. That being said I have gotten some very nasty comments/direct messages in the 5 years that I’ve had a profile. Normally if they are really harsh, I reach back out to them directly. I approach the situation first with an apology and express that if anything I did or said affected them in a negative way that I’d like to talk about it. I ask to hear more about their feelings/thoughts. With this approach the situation normally goes from super negative to, at the very least, the two of us walking away civil.


  1. What would you say to the people out there who are currently dealing with cyber bullying?
    That’s hard because people deal with how bullying affects them differently. Bullying is awful! No one deserves it. And even though I try to approach negativity with an open ear, I also believe in no tolerance when it comes to pure bullying/trolling. If it’s on your Instagram/Facebook/website, delete and block trolls/bullies. That’s your space, and you don’t have to give anyone a right to that space if they are bullying you. If they are being disrespectful in your space then they shouldn’t be allowed in your space. Trust me, once you remove it/them you’ll forget about it. And they will move on with their miserable lives.


  1. The Adult-Disney lifestyle has become more and more popular in recent years, especially online. Do you remember a time when it wasn’t? How did you stay true to yourself during that time?
    I do remember a time when it wasn’t as popular as it is now. I belive it wasn’t until Disney created their first Lifestyle brand Disney Couture in 2002 that there were any fashionable options that were Disney related. I think because my personal style has always tended to be more themed, I ended up dressing very “Disneybound” when I visited the Parks. So it was easy to submerge myself in the new Disney Style movement. I also want to mention that I think people have incorporated Disney items fashionably into their outfits for a while now. But after Disney created Disney Couture it made it much easier to create more fashionable looks to express the fandom. I was a super fan of the brand since the beginning and I’m sad it’s not really around anymore.


  1. Katie, for research and data reasons only and for no personal, selfish, fan girl reasons at all, which one of my Instagram photos is your favourite? AND WHY 😉
    That’s another hard question, because I love so many of your photos! But if I had to choose, it would be this one: Honestly I love your smile, it’s infectious!


  1. What is Bogart doing right now?
    Let’s see….oh yes his favorite thing: sleeping. He lives such a ruff life.


  1. Are there any other fandoms you belong to other than Disney?
    I’m a Sailor Moon super fan! I also love Harry Potter (proud Hufflepuff) and I’m a big Lord of the Rings nerd.


  1. What advice would you give your followers on how to stay young forever?
    Enjoying the things you love. Don’t give yourself an age restriction ever! Like I said before, there is no rule book to life that dictates when you are too old for what you love.


  1. Last question…if you could get all your followers in one room for one minute, what would you say to them?
    I would say, “Thank you. I’m a lonely person by nature and your interaction with me means so so much. Thank you for letting me into your lives, even in the smallest way. Thank you for the likes, the tags, and the hugs. Thank you for the DM’s to show me all the adorable things you find. Thank you for your loyalty and for all the sweet comments when I post about my mother. Thank you for joining my Live Feeds and making me laugh. I am so happy that we all share in something. I think that social media can really be an ugly place. But I think we have something nice in this little corner of the social media world. It’s beautiful sharing our loves of fandoms like Disney together. And I hope we will continue to enjoy and connect with all these things together!”

I would personally like to thank Katie, Mark and Bogart for participating in this interview. If you don’t follow Katie already, and are just itching to do it right now. You can find her here. Katie, thanks for showing me how to love Disney as an adult and for being one of the main inspirations for starting this blog.

And they all lived Happily Ever After.


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