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Fantasia- Pins, Postcards & Tattoos!

You’ve seen it on my insta, you’ve see my tattoo, you’ve seen the paintings my room. This ‘weird Disney thing’ Sarah’s obsessed with…
Well let’s talk about it shall we!

Even for a Disney fan, Fantasia is a bit of a mystery.
You either watched it when you were little, and loved it for what it was.
Or you’ve never really heard of it.

Similar to Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia didn’t really have a story line.
At least Alice was just trying to find her way home, Fantasia’s point is still lost to me.

But even with it’s tiny fandom, and it’s non-existent presence at any Disney park, Fantasia merchandise is slowly starting to become popular amongst the Disney online community.
I think it’s because it’s such a novelty.
Finding genuine Disney Fantasia Merchandise is next to impossible these days, so when you do stumble on something it seems that much more special.

I have been a fan of Fantasia since I was little.
People are always so confused when they see my tattoo, or the paintings I have in my room and I honestly never really have an answer.
I still don’t understand what’s going on in the film at all, but when I was little, the film had everything ‘little Sarah’ ever wanted to watch.
Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, Magic, Rainbows, oh my.

So, I’d sit and colour and watch Fantasia.
My favourite scene when I was little was the Pastoral Symphony.
This is where all the Centaurettes were getting ready to meet the Centaurs and find their match.


As all the other centaurettes find their match, one girl gets left behind, and can’t find seem to find him, so the cherubs decide to help her.
The cherub’s play a song to both of them, and they both decide to follow the music  until their run into each other.
It is so simply sweet.

I love this scene so much, I had it tattooed.



I’ve discovered recently, that my love for these scenes is shared by a lot of other Disney fans, and centaurette merchandise is more popular than it’s ever been. Fantasy Pins are created constantly, and demand for them is insane. My friend Sammi, create an entire line of Disney Centaurette’s and they fly out of her shop. I’ve managed to collect almost all of the her pins, and I can’t tell you how glad I am to own them.

If you really look, you can find Authentic Disney Fantasia pins on Ebay, or Etsy, but expect to pay a PRETTY penny. I own one authentic Disney Fantasia pin myself, and it was a gift from my friend Sammi. If you’d like to see her Centaurette pins and buy one yourself, check out her shop here.


This week, I actually received my first ever postcard from Andy and it was Fantasia themed! I had no idea these even existed, and it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. The artwork is by Ann Shen and is called ‘Centaurettes in Bloom’. Grab one for yourself here.

Also, if you are in a long distance relationship like me, I strongly recommend postcards. I know snail mail is close to extinction, but I felt so happy when I received this in the mail. I think there is something really special about hand-written letters and can really make a significant-other happy if you’re looking for something small to brighten their day.

I really hope Fantasia continues to grow in popularity and more people decide to bite the bullet and watch it.
Although there is no plot, lines, or script, this movie is truly magical.
Some of Walt’s best work in my opinion.

Fantasia was when Walt first started experimenting with fairies. Peter Pan was initially supposed to come out first, but they couldn’t get Tinkerbell to the way Walt wanted her.
In Fantasia you see so many different variations of fairies, and sprites along with tons of other mythical creatures.

If you do end up watching it, please let me know what you think.
And if your ever find any amazing Fantasia mechandise out there, LET A GIRL KNOW.


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