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Disney Flare – Little Mermaid Patch 🐚💕

You know me, I love a good tacky outfit.
I’m also a huge fan of wearing pop culture stuff– I’d take a toy story top over a Aritzia Sweater any day.

But pop culture items can be a little expensive,  especially Disney.
So one of my favourite things to do, is take Disney flare and add it to an ordinary outfit.

The best part, is that Disney flare is so easy to find these days.
There are so many amazing shops that create pins, patches, and more inspired by popular culture brands.

So instead of styling up an outfit with a fancy bag or pair of shoes, you can do it with it with a pin or patch.
It’s an easy, and inexpensive way to add a little magic to your daily outfits.

For my birthday last year, I was able to snag one of Squid Vishuss’ customized Ariel patches and I finally found the perfect Levi’s jacket to sew it to.

I love this patch because it’s unique and different, and her sewing skills are seriously impressive.
To check out more of Squid Vishuss’ items and art, click here.

My Current Favourite Flares

Sugar Bone’s Power Puff Girl Patch

Planet Pin Wheel’s Centaurette Pins

Just Peachy’s Kikis Delivery Service Pin

Lady Love Letter’s Halloween Sailor Moon and Dreamland Pins

If you have any flare favourites, please don’t hesitate to share them with me! I always answer through comments here and on my Instagram. The jacket I’m wearing in the photo above is my Dad’s old Levi’s jacket, but don’t worry because they are not hard to find! Always check your local thrift stores or Value Village, thats where I get all my denim.

Until next time, Happy Halloween!


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