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I Created a Disney Gossip Magazine in High school

So it’s no secret around here, the Disney obsession runs deep.
I spent many young years dreaming and wishing that the characters I saw in movies we’re living on the same planet as me somewhere; living every day lives as princesses, or street thieves or lost boys.

Even in high school, the Disney itch never really left me. And that’s what brings us to the topic of the day.
In grade 10, I took a media class and for our final project we had free reign to do essentially whatever we wanted (in the realm of media studies).

I decided to create a gossip magazine as if the characters from Disney were real people, with real acting jobs…
They would live their every day lives, star in other movies, and even under go some plastic surgery!
It was the most fun I have ever had with a school project, and apparently was good enough to make into the ‘Sarah’s accomplishments’ box under my mom’s bed.

I think it’s best to warn everyone by letting you know that while I take pride in my work,
this magazine is far from impressive.
It’s a ‘Sarah masterpiece’ riddled with photos I don’t own,
photoshop work done on good ol’ powerpoint or paint, and even some copy right watermarks that my teacher didn’t seem to mind.

Disclaimer: while I wasn’t aware of copyright laws when I was 15, if there is any artwork in the magazine that you happen to know who the artist is, let me know! I’d love to credit them. (keep in mind at the time it was seen by my mother, teacher and a couple friends I probably don’t talk to anymore)

And today, even though the project doesn’t scream finesse or perfection… I believe it still reeks of imagination and creativity. I can still remember how much fun I had creating this project, and the hours I spent stalking the internet trying to find photos that somewhat resembled the ideas going on in my head.

One of my favourite ideas was a plastic surgery piece I did on Milo from Atlantis. I found this really beautiful art piece someone did, that made him look really attractive. So I took that photo, and put it side by side with his original look from the movie and created a tabloid article on all his plastic surgery procedures.

I also particularly enjoyed my take on Melody from The Little Mermaid 2. I wrote a whole piece on how she’d be starring in the new Tangled movie as Rapunzel and would need to dye her hair blonde for the role.

Some of the other small details I love about this magazine is the Disney world barcode I included on the front page, the Disney inspired horoscopes (which was heavily influenced by Seventeen magazine) and the little ad’s I included every few pages.

I believe that as we get older, it gets harder and harder to keep our creativity locked in our minds. It’s even harder to access your imagination, and really let your mind wander. I think that’s why it can be so fun to look at old school projects, or illustrations or journal entries from when we were kids. Because even though it starts with a moment of cringe, you almost always end up impressed with your old self. I can’t tell you how many times I looked at an old photo I drew, or an idea I came up with and said to myself, ‘Damn little Sarah. That was really cool.’



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