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As March comes to an end, I wanted to share with you guys a round up of everything I loved in the month of march.
My blogs can get a little somber or sad when I’m discussing my thoughts or worries, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to show you guys all my favourties for march.

Glossier Body Hero

I’ve told you guys on many occasions that Glossier’s skin care line is not its all cracked up to be. If you’re going to buy from them, buy their make-up.
HAVING SAID THAT…their shower products are bomb. I’ve been using the oil body wash and moisturizer for about 3 months now, and I really really love them.
The smell is beautiful (calming, slightly sweet, slight spicy), and the skin feels SO SUPPLE all the time. I feel like a plump juicy peach. TEN OUTTA TEN WOULD RECOMMEND.

The Ordinary Skin Care Line

If these products end up working out for me, I will be sure to dedicate an entire blog post to them. But I recently purchased the Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C Suspension from this company and I am currently a happy camper. Both products combined didn’t exceed 20 dollars, and I think I have yet to find a product they sell that is over $10. I’m not kidding. The Ordinary specializes in simple skin products targeted for exactly what you’re skin needs. I chose Hyaluronic Acid because I have extremely dry skin, and the Vitamin C Suspension for my hyperpigmentation (acne scars). If you were looking to try a new skin care brand, you really can’t lose with these because they are so cheap.

Sailor Moon Back pack

I adore this backpack. If you love Sailor moon, I feel you need to own this bag. I ordered it from New Chic and it came pretty quick for a product shipping from Japan! I also wore it all day at Disneyworld, so I’m happy with how sturdy it is. I like how its a very subtle way to celebrate a fandom (celebrating fandoms by wearing very subtle fandom clothes and accessories is one of my favourite pass times)


Disney Hats

With spring coming, snap backs are the perfect accessory for a casual/plain outfit, or day 3 (or 4) of not washing your hair. The best disney snapbacks are from Cakeworthy, and I also managed to snag a pizza planet one for Boxed Lunch.

Boys Tall Tees & High Socks

Need a clubbing outfit, but not interested in sucking in all night? Boys Tall tee is my go-to. The H&M guys section has HUNDREDS. Just pick a style you like, and get a size bigger depending on your height. I’m 5’9′ so I typically snag an XL and it’s always long enough. Pair that with some black thigh highs and combat boots and you’re good to go. For the shorter girls, I recommend high socks and some lace up heels.

Cream Highlight / Blush 

I’m cheating on powders with creams. I recently started using the Lunaris Cream Highlight along with the Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff and I think I’m converted. I just dab some product on my skin and pat in to secure. I just think the cream bases give a more natural/glowy look and surprisingly not cakey at all!

That’s all from me for the things I was loving in March.
If you like posts like this, and want to keep them going please
let me know and I’ll make sure to keep posting them. 🙂
k love you, bye!

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