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A lot of 90’s girls loved Sailor Moon, and I was one of them. If you watched the English one like me, then you knew her as Serena. If you were cool enough to watch the Japanese one, then you knew her as Usagi.

She was a super hero; but she was filled with insecurities, ate way too much junk food, had no idea how to handle herself around guys, and complained constantly.

She was like 90’s version of Jennifer Lawrence, accept way cooler and had magic powers. Lately, Sailor Moon has been starting to make a come-back, and when that happens… that means stores are going to sell Sailor Moon shit. And then I buy the Sailor Moon shit. Its an endless cycle. So I’m super excited to share my collection with you guys today, and I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to do this!

For those of you who voted for a video on my instagram story, I’m sorry I didn’t deliver. But editing isn’t my favourite thing in the world, and I don’t like ranting constantly on camera– I’d prefer to rant through typing. Having said that, I will be posting a bunch of videos on my insta story tonight showing you all my stuff! (if you’re reading this blog off-schedule, I will be saving the insta story in my highlights so you can check it out at any time, love you)

The Wearables 

The grey sailor moon gadget shirt is my go-to pyjama shirt which allows me to fight evil by moonlight, and also looks awesome with a pair of high-waited mom jeans and a belt for winning love by daylight. The track suit I think is fantastic, and because I work from home I get crazy use out of that thing. My favourite part is the iridescent crescent moons on the sweater and above the knee caps. The Miss Kika shirt was a Christmas gift from my sister, and I think it’s one of the prettiest things I own. It’s like she’s wearing all her gadgets as a crown. I use this for fancy outfits, casual outfits, and sometimes a pyjama shirt… or sometimes just to stare at.

Click the pic to find out where you can buy yours. 

Moon Beauty

Sailor Moon beauty products can be hard to find, and when you find them they can be pretty pricey. The only make-up product I own is the Miracle Romance Moon Stick Eyeliner which was gifted to me by my friend Emily (love you hoe). The eyeliner is actually really good quality, and the applicator is almost like a marker, I really like it. If you’re looking for any Sailor Moon beauty products I recommend Yesstyle. It’s your best option for pricing and shipping. The compact mirror and pill case are both from Hot Topic, and can be tricky to find online. But Hot Topic is ALWAYS selling them (Box Lunch too if you’re in the states). The Luna hairbrush is one of my favourites and I snagged that at Hot Topic aswell!

Click the pic to find out where you can buy yours.

The Meatball Head Extras

I know everyone is going to be asking me about the purses (AREN’T THEY THEY BOMB??). Both can be purchased at Yesstyle, and both are actually pretty good quality. The pin I have mentioned in blog posts before and was made by the insanely talented Lady Love Letter (I especially love the Halloween twist). And finally we have some more hot topic goodies which include the wallet and keychain (which were gifted to me by my mama who supports my weird obsessions), and the patch was from there as well (which I still can’t find a place for. help.)

Click the pic to find out where you can buy yours.

That’s all from me for now!
Thank you for your patience with this blog, and check into my insta story tonight for more details on the items and my ranting!

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