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The Song She Wore.

There was a time, a while ago..
where I had some trouble sleeping.
I’ve never been known to deal with stress well, and during this particular time
my stress was preventing me from having a full nights sleep.

I was exhausted all the time,
on edge all the time.
And During this time, Andy and I decided to plan a vacation.
And so we did.
We travelled to Cayo Sante Maria, Cuba.
Home of the clearest, bluest ocean I had ever seen.

My first day at the beach, I walked out into the ocean as far as I could go.
I looked out in front of me, and genuinely could not find the line that separated sea and sky.

It was so blue, and so clear, and so quiet.
I dunked my head under, and stayed for as long as my breath would let me.

When I came up for air, and walked back towards shore… I felt like I took the ocean with me.
The quiet, the clarity, the beauty.
And it stayed with me while I slept that same night.
The whole night.
And I woke up so refreshed, and so… just better.

I had that ocean with me the whole trip.
I wore it like a dress, and it gave me the calmness I desperately needed in my life.
And it gave me the inspiration for this piece.

I can’t wait to share more with you guys.
Sending love and light where ever you are.


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