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The Greatest Package I Ever Received! 📦 💕

A couple months ago, I was in Florida and I was completely
unaware that an amazing, beautiful, out of this world package was waiting for me when I got back.

I wanted to share this package that I got with you guys because I have truly never received anything like it and I think you guys will really like what I found inside.
For starters, it was from an Instagram friend named Sammi (who has an amazing pin shop that you need to check out, here).

She reached out to me a while ago, letting me know she was making Fantasia pins and wanted to know if I was interested.
We found out pretty quickly that our interests were very similar and have talked consistently ever since.

The package she sent me is magic mail at its finest.
The outside was sealed with rainbow tape, and then every gift inside was individually wrapped with different kinds of wrapping and washi tape.
But as I started opening what was inside, I realized all the box edges were filled with art work of my favourite things.
There was a Tinkerbell Drawing, a Beetlejuice drawing, of course a Fantasia drawing, and then a note from Sammi.

Before I could even get to what was inside, I was already so, insanely happy! I had never received a package like that before and I couldn’t believe all the work that was put in!

What was Inside? 

Starbucks Disneyland ‘You Are Here’ Mug: a mug I thought was so beautiful, but knew I’d never get my hands on because I wasn’t making my way to California any time soon. Well, Sammi managed to snap one for me.

Disney Light up Pumpkins: Two adorable Disney Halloween lights, one Cinderella and one Tink.

All her Pins: She had sent me an entire bag of all the pins she had made, plus a few other pins she managed to snag for me at a convention!

Shanghai Disney Purse: This was the coolest thing in the entire package and I almost DIED when I opened it. She had gotten me a Pegasus Disney purse, exclusive to Shanghai Disney. The best part? It was in a SHANGHAI DISNEY BAG.


The Girl Behind the Banner

Sammi I wanted to thank you again for the amazing package, and let you know that one is on its way to you!
Sammi is also the artist behind all my Blonde Wednesday Addam’s cartoons on this website (including my signature banner).
So if you’d like some artwork for yourself, don’t hesitate to shoot her a DM on instagram.



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