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Esther Loves You X IPKN : New Skin Care


So I made some purchases that I think you beautiful Wednesday’s might like! Recently, I snagged myself some IPKN products. IPKN actually stands for ‘Independent Professional Korean New Yorker’, and it was the first NYC-inspired South Korean beauty brand. And you know what Korean brand means? They are amazing for your SKIN. I’m not going to lie, at first I was attracted to the adorable branding- which is non-other than Esther Loves You, but that wasn’t enough to get me to actually buy the products. It wasn’t until I saw one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Amy Serrano, post about it on her Instagram; she showed a few demos and talked a little bit about how much she loved the products, so I bought some for myself!

It’s been about a month now, so I wanted to share my opinions with you guys! 

The Goods.

Rose Water Soothing Gel

I call this one, ‘The Product I Never Knew I Needed’. A soothing gel has never been high on the priority list for me when it comes to products. The only time I would purchase something like this is for a sunburn after a day at the beach (but my go-to for that is the Breathe of Fresh Air spray from Lush). However, this winter my acne was different than it normally is. I ended up getting very red, very painful acne on my cheeks and the redness would take forever to go away, especially when getting out of the shower! So when I saw this product, I put two and two together and thought this might work.

The Result:
It worked. This product works amazing for face AND body and has the most amazing cooling effect. Lately, I will apply it as a thick mask before taking a nap and sometimes all night while I’m sleeping. This is also great to apply underneath moisturizer if you’re going somewhere nice and need something to calm down your acne. There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower, and trying to apply make-up to a bright red, irritated face. This product really calms everything down.

Shop Rose Water Cooling Gel.

Twinkle Velvet Founcushion

For starters, this foundation is SPF 50. Already in love. Another big reason why I snagged this compact is because IPKN really cares about the skin, and I need a foundation that gives a shit about my skin to be honest. I got the colour Nude Beige, which I’m super happy with and I’m also really happy with the application.

The Result:
This is like the Narnia closet of compacts. I will give a little tap with the sponge and the tiny bit of product that comes out is usually good enough to cover the entirety of one side of my face (depending on how much acne is there). The colour matched really well with my skin, and the foundation covered up my acne without looking cakey. So that’s really all we can ask for right?
Here is a photo of my skin with the foundation applied. As you can see, it’s a LITTLE shiny, but the covered is solid! (I’m also wearing Benetint is the photo for blush)

Shop Velvet Foundation.


Overall, I am super happy with the products. If you’re a huge kawaii fan like me and are looking for some products that are soft on the skin and look great in your bathroom, then you should definitely check out IPKN. 

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