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10 Things I Want To Do at 25

  1. I want to figure out who I am.

Now, this title seems vague… and it is. I feel like I’ve figured out about 90 percent of who I am, but I don’t think I’ve ever felt 100% completely comfortable and happy with who I am. I want that at 25. They say you have it all figured out when you’re 25, so this year I want to feel entirely happy and satisfied with me. But, I don’t think I can wait for that to happen, I think I need to make that happiness elixir on my own. I’ll let you know if I figure out the ingredients.

2. I want to hug my boyfriend and know he isn’t going anywhere.

This year, my 25th year… Andy comes home permanently (BOUT FACKING TIME). It’s currently June, and he will be home forever next May. In the 6 years we’ve spent together we have done the whole thing long distance. For the first 3 we were in the same province but living in two different cities, and for our last three he has been living in Florida and I stayed in Canada. So this year, I want that feeling of knowing we don’t have to do that anymore.  No more long Facetimes, no more care packages, no more wondering where he is, no more holidays alone. It’s going to be glorious.

3. I want to finish my creative writing book.

I’m not calling it a poem book, because I don’t know if I’d classify myself as a poet. Having said that, you guys know I’ve been sharing my writing pieces with you guys sparatically over the past couple months and I’d love to turn it into a little book.

4. I want to not get so easily discouraged.

This is a kryponite for me. I get really excited about ideas or projects, and then I let my mine race about all the possible ways it can fail… and then I get discouraged and sometimes it prevents me from achieving my goals. I want to overcome that this year. I want to stay positive, stay motivated, and not let the fear of the unknown distract me from getting shit done.

5. I want to see Disney during Fall

Arielle, if you’re reading this… I’m coming to see you! It’s always been a dream of mine to see Disney when it’s Halloween themed. Since Andy has one more year in Florida, I’d love to take advantage of that opportunity and see that giant friggen Mickey pumpkin. MY BODY IS READY.

6.  I want to stay blonde

If you’re been following me for a while, you’d know that I get bored of my hair QUICKLY.  In 2017, I died my hair 7 times. But this chronic boredom has caused me to lose about half the poundage of locks I used to have on my head. My hair is mad at me, and I need to chill out. I can hear the strands talking shit about me as I sleep. I’m sticking to one colour, no more changes. I love you hair.

7. I want Andy to feel relaxed.

Andy is on his 8th year of post-secondary education. He has spent 7 birthdays, 7 christmases, 7 summers, and 7 seasons of Game of Thrones studying. I can’t wait to see him when he’s not studying for tests, writing notes, and hiding in his hoodie from his problems.

8. I want to be the best Aunt in the world.

My sister is having a baby this year and this will be my first time being an aunt! When she did the gender reveal, she showed us with a little baby boy outfit. When I saw the bum of the pants it all became so real that a new little potato will be joining our family. I cannot wait to shower that little vegetable with all my love.

9. I want to save more money

Adulting is hard, especially when you’re obsessed with shopping. This year I want to tone down the Disney purchaisng, and throw a little more into my future. Andy and I want to buy a house some day, and there is no point in owning a bunch of pop culture merchandise if you have no where to put it!

10. I want to do better at self care

When it comes to achieving goals, or essentially dealing with life in generall, I am EXTREMELY hard on myself. I used to just be a perfectionist when it came to school work, or how I did my hair. But, as I’ve gotten older my need for perfection has spilled into how I view myself as a person and how I complete daily tasks. My need to do everything perfect has really stunted my ability to get things done in recent years and I want to change that. This year I want to live in imperfection and be able to breathe. Because if I let my need for perfection keep me from moving forward, I will forever be stuck on a sticky square and I’ll never get to King Candy.

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