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How To Preserve Roses Forever

You asked, and now you shall finally receive! Have you ever gotten a bouquet of roses (or even just one!) from your sweetheart, and wished they could last forever? They 100 percent can, and look even prettier than when you first got them! (we’re going to pretend that all of that didn’t just sound like an infomercial…) So let’s do this.

You Will Need: 

  • ROSES (any amount)
  • Hairspray (strong hold is recommended)
  • Glitter (any kind, and any colour of your choice) **glitter is optional, you can add whatever you want to decorate your roses
  • A Clothing Hanger
  • An Elastic
  • A vacuum

Some Disclaimers: 

  • Don’t wait too long to start preserving your roses. I know they look so pretty on your counter, but the longer you wait to preserve them, the lower the quality is going to be of your final product
  • DO THIS OUTSIDE! Rose Pedals + Hairspray + Glitter equals giant mess, so I suggest doing the dirty work outside (and have a vacuum handy when you hang them inside)
  • Make sure the glitter you use compliments the colour of your roses. Below is photo of some yellow preserved roses I have on display in my bathroom!
  • It doesn’t have to be roses, but roses preserve the best!

Step 1: Spray Em. 

Bring your roses outside, and LOAD them with hairspray. I got strong hold hairspray from the dollar store, and you want to load the flowers until the petals are shiny and wet. It’s important to cover ALL your bases. Get under, get in between, and in all the little nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Pixie Dust (or other things)

While your roses are STILL WET from the hairspray, take your favourite glitter (or not) (or other decoration) and start pouring it on top, in between and all over. It’s important that the roses are still wet and sticky, otherwise the glitter is just going to fall right off. ***GLITTER IS OPTIONAL, you 100 percent do not have to add glitter to your flowers, they will look amazing without it. But keep in mind that the hairspray is sticky, so you can add literally whatever you want. Some examples include adding cobwebs if you want to do halloween roses, or even gold flakes if you’re looking for a more regal look.

Step 3: Let em Dry. 

Give the hairspray some time to dry and really let the glitter fuse on there. If it’s not dry, then your next step is going to get pretty messy.

Step 4: Tie Them to a Hanger 

Once your hairspray has dried, you are going to take your roses and tie them to a clothing hanger with an elastic. I’ve demonstrated how to do that in the photo below. Ensure that your roses are facing DOWN when you tie them, because are going to be hanging them upside down.

Step 5: Hang them in a DRY PLACE. 

Next you are going to take your rose hanger contraption, and hang them upside down in a dry environment. Why dry? Well, in order for the roses to have that ‘antique’ look and keep their shape, they need to be dried out. I always hang mine in my cellar near the furnace. I know some people who have hung them in the bathroom on the shower rod; your roses won’t turn out the way you want them if you do this because the bathroom is a far too humid environment for your roses to dry in. ** I also recommend placing newspaper underneath wherever you hang your roses, because glitter is 100 percent going to fall

Step 6: Just Wait. (a long ass time) 

The longer you wait, the better your roses are going to look. I’m not talking years here, but your roses need time to really dry up. I typically wait a couple weeks before displaying them anywhere.

Step 7: Put those bitches on Display! 

Always proceed with caution! Your roses are DRY and BRITTLE. Safely and slowly remove the roses from the hanger and place them in any display you’d like! I’ve displayed mine in this little mummy head. His name is Tannis and he’s supposed to be a halloween Candy bowl. (Fun Fact: dried up roses make a killer halloween decoration)

And there you have it! All the photos used in this tutorial were preserved roses I made myself. Both the yellow and red roses have been on display in my house for over 3 years! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, and if you do end up trying this out please send me photos! 

xo. Sarah

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