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The Polly Pocket Purse of your 90’s Dreams

Call your friends, post it on your MSN profile, tell your Neopets about it, line up your Furbies, put down your Gameboy colour, and focus on me. 

Because a 90’s Polly Pocket purse exists. Oh what else you ask? Well the price is reasonable, the quality is beautiful, and IT’S NOT A KIDS PURSE. 
I’m in nostalgic bliss, and I want it to last forever. 

The Quality is Killer 

I online shop a lot and if you’re the same, then you know the process is hit or miss. You can get this beautiful package with an item exactly as you dreamed it would be, or it could look nothing like the online photos. This purse is NOT the case. The shipment came SO fast, it was wrapped beautifully and the quality of this purse is GORGEOUS. It’s sturdy, but soft to touch. The logo is pressed into the fabric (it’s not just a sticker). The zippers are high quality and do NOT get stuck, and the purse comes with a STUNNING gold chain that comes wrapped inside the purse when your order it.

It’s Practical 

Who ever designed this purse is one clever bitch because they managed to make it look EXACTLY like a polly pocket toy, while still keeping it practical as a purse. When I first went to order it, I was worried the top would completely unzip, forcing me to place the purse down if I wanted to open it. Well, that’s not the case. The purse features two pieces of material on the inner sides, accompanied by two zippers that pull down around purse, making everything inside easily accessible while it’s still on your shoulder.

It’s Trendy and For All Ages 

It can be hard to find pop culture clothing and accessories that aren’t tailored to children (especially when the brand is a child’s toy). But with it’s powder pink shade, gold link chain, and medium size…it’s quite perfect for teens or adults. I can wear this purse with pretty much any outfit, and while I’m always down for an obnoxious bag, this particular one has a classiness to it that I LOVE.

It’s Nostalgic AF 

This purse looks exactly like a Polly Pocket Toy. My favourite part? The inside fabric has a picture of the INSIDE OF A POLLY POCKET TOY printed on it– making the purse basically just a giant polly pocket play set. I’m obsessed, and I’m never changing purses again.


One of the best online purchases I’ve ever made. I shall repeat myself for a dramatic exit: the quality is KILLER, the price is super reasonable, and it’s the perfect purse for 90’s lovers out there. SO I LOVE THIS PURSE, YOU GUYS GET IT! Here’s the link, go buy it yourself. Love you! Xo. Sarah

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