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Violet! You’re Turning Violet!- Halloween Makeup

I would first like to start this blog off by saying this look was inspired by @ellieaddis on Instagram.

Violet! You’re Turning Violet!

The Base.

All you’ll need for this look is some thick foundation to give you that airbrushed, Tim Burton look. You’ll also need some basic contouring and fake eye lashes. For this particular tutorial, I used the Flare lashes from Sephora. I also added some navy blue eyeliner to make the blue infection pop even more. OPTIONAL: you can add some raspberry-esque lipstick just to pull the look together. I used prairie from limecrime.

The Infection.

I kept mine a little lighter, but you can go as dark as you want with it! I suggest starting with a dark blue eye shadow or paint as a base. You can really use anything, as long as it’s a dark shade of blue. Start thick on the centre of your face and fade it out with a BRUSH to give that ‘spreading’ look. From here, I added both a purple and blue shimmer powder on top to make it bolder (these were just standard halloween shimmer powders). Mixing purple with blue is going to give you more of a ‘blueberry’ effect.

If you really want to take this look to the next level, I suggest adding veins! A great tutorial to learn how to do the best blue veins in this demon look from Ellimacs.

Make it Glam.

This part is very optional, but if you want to ‘glam up’ the look a little and make yourself super cute, you might want to add a few things. I added highlight to my nose on both the tip and the bridge. To do this I used a light purple highlight from the ABH Moonchild palette in the colour Purple Horseshoe. In addition, you can also add pink highlight to the very edges of the infection, I used Pink Heart from the same palette.

The Hair.

If you’re doing this look for a PHOTO only, then you can copy my way. All I did was clip my longer hair in the back and pulled my shorter layers forward. From here, I took a flat iron and curled my short layers IN and REALLY curled in my bangs. If you don’t have bangs, just curly the pieces in and then bobby pin them behind your ears. But, if you’re taking this looks to the streets I suggest a wig.

Thanks for stopping by guys! I can’t wait to share more Halloween Tutorials with you this month. 
Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of PURE IMAGINATION. 

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VIOLET, YOU’RE TURNING VIOLET! 💙SWIPE FOR VIDEO. Look inspired by @ellieaddis. Link in bio for in- depth tutorial 🙂

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