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The Confidence Pool.

Every morning, the fairies wake up with the morning dew,
and head straight to the forest pools for their daily dose of dust.

There is fairy dust for happiness,
there is even some for courage.

I go to the same one every morning:
The Pool of Confidence.

I let my hands sit under the dust as it falls,
‘maybe if I really load up today…
some will stick forever.’
But that’s never happened.

I wash my face with it,
and I thread it through my hair.

And then I see her.
A fairy that sparkles confidence more than any I’ve ever seen.

I can see it twinkling in her eyes,
and the way it bounces off her hips as she walks.
I can smell it on her breathe as she speaks.

But I’ve never seen her come to The Pool of Confidence.
Not once, not ever.

I fly towards her, as fast as I can.
And blurt out what I’ve been dying to know,

‘Where do you get your confidence dust?’

It’s home-made.
She replies with a smile.

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