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Why You’re Not Gaining a Following in the Disney Community

Now, I’d like to preface this by saying that the points I’m making today don’t just apply to the Disney Instagram community, they can apply to any niche community you are apart of on Instagram. We’re all getting our asses figuratively kicked. However, the Disney community is one I’ve been apart of for quite some time now, so I feel it’s best to only talk about things I know… and not things I don’t. Because no body wants that. So let’s get started shall we?

There’s just too many of us. 

It starts with saturation. And that goes for any community you are apart of on social media. Nowadays, so many people are trying to build a following, and when content is limited there is only so many interesting pictures you can upload to peak people’s interests. For us Disney Instagrammers, there are only so many parks, and only so many photos opportunities we can take advantage of until we run out. And nowadays, in order to really peak the interests of the masses, you have to be different in some severe way to get people to notice. Instagram says you’re no longer good enough just being you– and that just ain’t right.

The effort needed to survive is ridiculous. 

Now, hold me back… because this is something I could talk about for days. There is a follower count I call the ‘middle ground’ which consists of around 5,000 to 8,000 followers, give or take a few. This middle ground is attainable by any ol’ Disney fan posting your standard photos, but it’s going to take up all of your free time to get there. I have talked to so many instagrammers in the Disney community who sit at this range, and in order to get there you need to spend your evenings dedicated to a process I’ve never been able to wrap my heard around:

  1. Search tags related to yourself (i.e. #DisneyBlogger #DisneyLove #DisneyFan #DisneyStyle)
  2. Like every photo under this tag until you’ve lost yourself in the screen light.
  3. Every ‘like’ needs to be followed by a heart-felt, not bullshit comment about how pretty they look or how much you love their outfit… when chances are, you probably glanced quickly at their photo or you’re officially blind from your phone screen.
  4. Sit and wait to see if they acknowledge your effort and decide to follow you. (if they don’t immediately follow you back, you follow them… wait for it to be reciprocated… if not, you unfollow them and try your tricks on the next chump.

It’s sick. The effort you’re putting into trying to gain bullshit followers could have been spent baking 24 rainbow sprinkle cupcakes for yourself and you would still have time left over to sit and watch the office while eating your 24 cupcakes. ITS NOT OKAY. I can’t tell you how many times I gained a bunch of followers at once, only to watch that number dwindle over the course of a couple days because I didn’t follow them back.

Are you here because you enjoy the creativity I’m sharing, or are you here to build up your self esteem through numbers with the hope of me contributing to that? I WILL NOT CONFORM.

I digress.

The Algorithm Hates You

One of my good friends Katie, is a perfect example of this. Her instagram is @thedisneylandprincess and she shares some of the most BEAUTIFUL content. Before the algorithm change, beautiful content could be easily found and appreciated — which is how I found her. During this time, she was able to build up an over 100k following by sharing these amazing pictures of her interests and belongings (Disney, Sailor Moon, Makeup etc). But now, even with her killer following, she’s seeing her likes and comments decrease in a major way and can’t keep up with the decline. Has she changed anything? No. Is she losing followers? No. She’s just not showing up on people’s feeds anymore and it’s for no particular reason.

My Experience on Instagram 

I sit at a modest 1700 (ish… it fluctuates like crazy) and I’m happy with it. I have two jobs, a blog, and an online shop and I don’t have the time to sit on my phone increasing numbers for no particular reason. I follow accounts that interest me and bring me inspiration and I upload photos that make me happy and spark my creativity. Once you start treating Instagram like a little online photo album, things will really start to change.

An Honest Breakdown of How to Gain Followers in the Disney Community 

  1. Follow hashtags and like/comment on as many of them as you can. I recommend doing it until you can’t feel your ‘liking’ finger, or until it takes you at least twenty swipes to get back up to the top.
  2. When commenting, ensure it’s a full sentence and pretend you really care. I suggest commenting on something specific about the picture (i.e. I love your ears in this photo, where did you get them?)
  3. Spend as much money as you can on Disney merch. Waste it all. The more money you spend, the more followers you’ll get. Why? Well, if you buy it and then take a picture in it, you increase your changes of that brand sharing your photo (this is not guaranteed). If you’re photo is shared, you’ve made it baby (not really, you’ll probably gain a couple hundred followers)
  4. When at the parks, spend your day looking for popular Disney Influencers. By the looks of it, they go often so you’re bound to find one eventually! Once you find them, put in your best effort to become their friend but only to the point where they are willing to post a photo with you, or post you to their instagram story (always ensure they include your handle).

Warning: this was sarcasm, bake the cupcakes instead.

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