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Halloween Easy Makeup Looks: Scary into sexy

(If you’ve made it here, you’ve made it to the first official blog I ever posted. Thank you for reading, and Happy Halloween)

During halloween, I have alot of friggen rules.


You can’t watch Hocus Pocus until it is officially October..

Halloweentown movies once a week, you can’t double up.

Jack-o-lantern is must..

But among all those rules, I have a very strict one.

You MUST have a scary costume.

Its not everyone’s rule, but its my rule. Don’t get me wrong, I was a princess once or 5 times during my childhood, but my favourite costumes were the dark ones. The one’s that really gave me the right to say ‘boo’.

The problem is, when you become a teenager, or an adult, it is [unfortunately] unacceptable to attend a party looking like a hideous monster. [I hate the world]

Lindsay Lohan tried it… and her man kissed another girl. [boo, you whore]

So, how do we take our favourite macabre monsters, and turn them into something we can feel awesome in…

while still celebrating the dead of course.

The key: keep it simple.

Pick a monster, point out the highlights that make it an identifiable monster, but the highlight is YOU.

Here are some examples.

Let’s start with something easy.

Wanna be terrifying and not break the bank?

Zoe the Zombie is for you.


What you will need:

-fake blood

-black and brown eyeliner

-zombie contacts (optional.. but like, not really)

That is literally it !

Start getting ready like you would for any other party. Whether that involves foundation, some face contouring, mascara, the works.

I suggest straightening your hair so you can get that stringy, dead look, but again, its completely up to you. Do your make up, smoke the shit outta that eye, and spray some perfume on ya.

Once your done, pick out a zombie outfit.

What do zombies wear? Anything.

Pick something you aren’t afraid to put blood on.

You can’t see my outfit, but I have black and white striped jeans, and then this grey tank. (FOREVER 21 FTW)

Now.. rub some fake blood in your hands, and SPREAD THAT SHIT.

TIP***: if you going for a particularly SEXY look, I suggest using the blood to outline your features, and contours of your body. Examples would include outline the cheek bones, darker parts of the forehead, under the lips, and cleavage area [yay for boobage]

You can also make cut outs in your costume if you want a more revealing look. [NO JUDGEMENT HERE]

Then pop in those contacts and you’re good to go.

Disclaimer: I put in the contacts before I start my make up because its easier for me, but after works as well, just don’t get make up in your eyes !

Zoe the Zombie, you go girl 😉


Freddie Kreugar (or cougar.. rawr) <– i am so lame.

freddy cougar

This costume is a little more difficult, but 100% percent worth the work.

And you’ll feel like a hallo-queen once your done.

You will need:

-freddy hat and claw (store bought or made)

-striped burgundy and black dress (or anything else that you feel like wearing, but you need the stripes)

-large container of latex (you can find a super cheap bottle at any halloween store or PartyCity)

-fake blood

-every day make up

-zombie contacts (optional)

First, you start with the costume. Now, I admit that I cannot take full d.i.y credit for this costume. I purchased both the hat and the claw at a local halloween store. [IM A FRAUD]

But, as I stated earlier, you need major highlights in your costumes to make the monsters identifiable. Freddy Kreugar is nothing without his hat and claw… other wise I’m just a weird chick in a striped dress [ZOE THE ZOMBIE ALL OVER AGAIN :)]

Speaking of dress, the goal is to be sexy right? So for this particular costume I chose to stick with the classic freddy stripes, but portray that with a slim cotton dress. [thank you h and m]

freddy 2

Keep in mind, that you can wear whatever you want. If you feel hot in sweater and caki’s like the real freddy, then do it ! Its about feeling hot, and scary all at the same time, and you have your own comfortability.

Next comes the make up, this is a little more difficult.

You have to start with the latex, and this is the hardest part.
Freddy’s entire one side of his face is burnt, so we’re going for a bubbled look.

To achieve this, apply a small piece of tissue to the areas where you want to look burnt, and paint the latex over top so it sticks to your face.

Once you let the latex dry, take a pair of tweezers and start picking away at the pieces to create little bumps and bubbles on the skin.

Once this is all ready, its time for make up.

Take your everyday foundation and load it all over the latex and the rest of your face to give an even look — so that it all looks like skin.

 Then begin with your regular make up routine.

Again, the point is to feel hot and I can already tell your hot, so just accentuate that!

I recommend really caking-on that black eyeliner, and fake lashes are always a great way to make you look fantastic (they’re like magic… they turn you into angelina jolie every time.. WINGARDIUM PRETTY-OSA)

Once you’re done making yourself look magically delicious, its time to really make those burn marks sizzle.

What I do, is I take a regular make-up sponge and dip it in fake blood.

I then take the sponge and start dabbing it onto the latex parts of my skin to give that freshly burned look.

Your last touch would be the contact lens. Put only ONE in, on the burnt side of your face.

Once this is done, your face should look something like this.

freddy 3

ALSO, if you have a friend or a significant BAE who loves the holiday as much as you, try out some Freddy Vs. Jason action. You’re guaranteed to win best costume at any party.

freddy vs jason

Next we have my personal Favourite:

Edward SEXY hands


This is personally my favourite costume, and for people who know me (blonde hair, blue eyes) This costume was a complete transformation for me.

You will need:

-a white top

-black pants or leggings

-black suspenders

-black hair spray (unless you already have black hair, then you go girl)

-extremely light foundation (unless your already white, then.. you go girl!)

-freddy kreugar hand painted black (unless you wanna DIY that bitch, then YOU GO GIRL)

-contact lenses (optional… you really don’t need them)

-black face paint

I started by spray-painting my hair black so if you can skip this option, then do SO.
Next, I applied my make up.
I started off with latex, which is a bit of a bitch to do.
Basically you apply a small amount of latex onto either the palm or the face on your hand (where ever there is a small amount of hair)
Let the latex dry, and then begin rolling it in a tube-like shape

Its very hard to explain through text, but your trying to create lines of flesh.

Once you have created the lines, start applying them to your face by holding them in place and brushing latex over top– hold till dry.

For this step, I looked at a picture of Edward and placed my scars according to where his were.

Once this ridiculous task is done, its time to apply the make up.

In the same way as Freddy, apply foundation over all the scars and all over the face to give an even look.

Once this is done, give yourself some black lipstick, and black eyebrows.

I also took some black eyeshadow and layered it around my eyes to give a really tired-dead look.

DISCLAIMER: I understand that this look isn’t EXACT to Edward, but again, the goal is to look hot. (not saying Edward is not hot.. cause he obvs is )

Once your done,and you’ve put in your contacts, it should look something like this:


Then… put on your tights, shirt, and suspenders… easy peez.

Have a good night, sexy hands !

And last but certainly not least we have..

The Bad-Ass Bride of Frankenstein.

halloween 2014 5

(and franky… if your bae is cool enough )

For this costume you will need:

-black hair spray

-white hair spray

-a mother eff-er load of green face/body paint

-black face paint

-contact lens (yes i’ve used the same ones for every costume, I guess you’ve learned my secret)

-an old white dress (not afraid to get dirty)

-a white veil (not afraid to get dirty)

This costume is fairly easy, I started by making the dress.
I had an old white cotton dress that I cut to above the knee, and cover it red bloody hand prints.
Keep in mind: you can always buy a sexy wedding dress costume and use it as a base for this look, just make sure you over it in blood!

Next I covered the veil in blood and left it to dry.
Your next step is to spray your hair black, and leave a piece out to spray white (do not try to spray white on top of black, it will turn grey! )

Once this is done, I covered my hair in an old shirt and begin my make up.

*put in contacts*

Then, begin to cover yourself in green… whatever you have exposed.. green that shit.. GREEN IT. ELPHABA UP IN HERE.

Once thats done, its totally up to you.

I gave myself black lips and used dark shading to make my face look skeleton-like.
I also gave myself dark eyes and huge fake eyelashes, just to make myself look a little more done-up (I am getting married of course!)

Once that is all complete, just green-up the bae, throw some fake stiches on his face, tell him to dress like he’s going to a funeral, and YOUR GOOD TO GO.

I hope I could make your Halloween a little sexier and stay tuned for this years costumes, I CANT WAIT.

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